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Thread: Ask the Navy III

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    Wrong Place!

    Hi people! I'm baaaaaaaaack!

    I just posted a thread, 'Hepzibah Smith', in the Reference Desk, but someone told me that the thread belongs in the Character Clinic. I don't want any mods after me, so I need a solution! Is there any way to move a thread to a different section on the Boards? Do I have a certain control over any threads that I've started?

    Loves to EVERYONE!!!

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    jadoreluna: A beta looks over author's work, checking for spelling and grammar, plot inconsistencies, etc. They proof read the work before it's submitted to the MNFF archives, to help authors get validated.

    LuckyRatTail: Yep, sure is! The Adoption Center seems to be the place you're looking for. It's where authors offer their plot bunnies to other people to write, if they don't have the time, or whatever, to do it themselves. Remember to read the rules but they're easy enough to follow.

    Hayden: I think [correct me if I'm wrong anyone :/] the only way you can get your thread moved/deleted is to contact the forum moderator. Terri/mudbloodproud is the moderator of the Reference Desk, so I suppose you could send her a polite PM asking her if she can sort it out for you.

    Hope that helps, guys!

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    the_half_blood_prince - You are able to write smaller stories on this part of the Mugglenet website. Those are called drabbles. Some challenges even ask for a chapter but for the most part, anything larger requires a submission to the archive site. The address for that one is .

    The beta forum is the place for writers to cohabitate, collaborate, improve their skills and participate in writing challenges as well. (not to mention we are a fabulous bunch of people to know . . .)

    I hope that helped.

    Hayden - If Terri doesn't reply to your PM regarding your post being in the wrong place, shoot me a message with the specifics and I can take care of it. She's got a lot on her plate right now.

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    Your thread has been moved to Minor Character thread. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner to move it.
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    Post How to connect my siddie to my story?

    Dear Mods,

    I've only just updated my signature and I want to link it to my story on the archives. So can someone tell me how to do that. I mean that when someone clicks on my siggie, he/she would be directed to my story.

    ~ Wilfen

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    This isn't the place to ask mods questions, but i can answer yours.

    To make a link from your signature banner, go into edit signature. Highlight the image code, and then press the button that looks like an earth. Then put the link to your story in the box that appears. Save your signature.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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    I'd like to know how I can paragraph my response to a review. I knew how to do this one, but it hasn't been a long time doing it, and I forgot. Thanks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Padfoot Patronus
    I'd like to know how I can paragraph my response to a review. I knew how to do this one, but it hasn't been a long time doing it, and I forgot. Thanks.
    Padfoot Patronus

    Beginning of the paragraph tag: <br> End of the paragraph tag: </br>

    Basically: <br> review... </br>

    And you're welcome.

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    Hey there,

    I was wondering how long it usually takes for the SortingHat to reply with the quizz, I PM'ed three days ago and havent recieved a reply yet, is this normal?


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    Sapphire at Dawn: Yes, that is normal. Please be patient. It usually takes time because the Mods are extremely busy people. But don't worry. You will get sorted.


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