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Thread: Sweet Rarepair Needs Attention (GB/DC) - ADOPTED

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    Sweet Rarepair Needs Attention (GB/DC) - ADOPTED

    This was originally going to be a fic exchange between Methionine and I, but seeing how close Nanowrimo is and how we've gotten hung up on other fics, neither will happen. I've got something else for a rarepair in the works, Meth, but this particular random pick-of-the-hat I have to pass up.

    Characters involved: Gabrielle Delacour and Dennis Creevey
    Mood of plot bunny: gentle and sweet, with some serious subjects presented in a child-like way
    Plot line: They end up a couple. Short, one to three chapters max. Should touch on both the second task and the end of the war, including Colin's funeral.
    Other details: At least one appearance by Colin's camera. A holding hands scene. And a little something extra to make Methionine smile, whatever that may be.

    Any takers?

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    This plotbunny caught my eye straight away, and my mind is already whirring with ideas. I would love to adopt it. If you want to view some of my other stories, just so you can get a feel for my writing, my author's page is in my signature.

    Again, I would love to adopt this bunny! And it's such an original pairing!


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    Go for it. S'all yours.

    I poked around in your TBB Drabble thread, and you had one for Dennis at Colin's funeral. It was really good. *claps hands*

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    It's been validated! *dances*

    Here is the link!

    I hope it's to yours and Methionine's liking. Thank you for the idea!


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