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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Word Beads #5 - Results

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    Name: Wendelin the wierd
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: It's Organic
    Warnings: Slight use of strong language.
    Word Count: 493
    Authors Note: Just some headcandy because I'm done with throw-yourself-off-a-tower depression.

    Lily dropped her books. Hard.

    “Personal grudge against the table?” Severus asked coolly as he continued to butter his toast. Morning had found the Great Hall cold and deserted and she was welcome company at this hour.

    “Call it personal grudge against annoying housemates who insist on serenading me at six ‘o’ clock in the morning. Is that toast?”

    “Six ‘o’ clock?" he repeated, slightly incredulously. Surely, even Gryffindors wouldn’t wake up at such an ungodly hour for anything other than coursework.

    “Six,” she confirmed, spearing the toast he had left untouched on his plate. “I woke up to James Potter attempting falsetto.”

    Severus cringed, “My condolences.”

    “Thanks. Pass the jam bottle, would you?”

    He watched her delicately blotting some jam on the stolen toast. “What made you decide to come and have breakfast so early?”

    “I was up already, and I had that Muggle Studies report to do on steno pads.”

    He nodded slightly. Despite, his father’s Muggle roots, he never understood the point of that particular class. Lily was letting perfectly good magical talent go to waste tinkering with Muggle toys and inventions- and she was Muggleborn for Merlin’s sake!

    “Severus? Have you seen my favourite handkerchief anywhere?”, she asked suddenly, snapping him out of his reverie.

    That was random! Then again, she was given to random. “The oil-stained one decorated in green and silver with “I love Snivellus Snape” embroidered across it? Can’t say that I have.”

    Lily smiled. Only he was capable of showing black humour at seven ‘o’ clock in the morning.

    “Lileeeeeee…”, she was greeted by an annoyingly familiar voice, “ What haven’t you been telling us?”

    “What do you want, Black?” she asked shortly, as she spun around to face her handsome housemate. “Wasn’t this morning’s…”

    “I think the word ‘disaster’ would be appropriate here.” Severus supplied from behind her.

    “Yes, disaster- wasn’t this morning’s disaster enough for you?”

    “The only reason you would call it that, my dear Evans, is because the songs my fellow marauders choose are awfully organic. I on the other hand-“

    “Wait, organic?”

    “…have unerring taste. Yes, organic.”

    “I believe the word you are looking for is ‘generic’.” Severus said with thinly-veiled disdain, “It’s called a dictionary, Black. Consider buying one.’

    “Shall we go the shop together when you decide to buy a bottle of shampoo?”

    “I’m off to potions,” Severus said as he abruptly got up and began gathering his things, “I can only assume that your late night rendezvous with Filch’s cat and his lamp has addled your brains to such an extent that you won’t be able to find your way to class.”

    “Yes Snivellus and I hope your annoyingly large nose doesn’t prevent you from getting lost on your way to class.”

    But Sirius’ face fell slightly as Snape had finished gathering his things in a huff and left the Great Hall, thus missing the witty repartee.

    “Let it go, Black,” Lily paused slightly and smiled, “It’s organic.”
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    ++First Place::
    A Lesson in Mischief Management by Quercus

    ++Second Place::
    Unlost by theworldonlyknows

    ++Third Place::
    Night-time Stroll by luinrina

    Points will be posted shortly.
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