Alrighty, here are a few questions on students bringing pets to Hogwarts:

~According to the Hogwarts book list, students may bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad. No mention of rats- but both Percy and Ron have brought Scabbers to school. Is this the sort of pet thats just "assumed" to be allowed in Hogwarts? Obviously its not that big of a deal, up until POA no one remotely cares that Ron has a rat even though he quite often talks about him within earshot of someone who could get him in trouble and brings him out in the open.

Also, Lee Jordan decides to bring a tarantula in his third (Harry's first) year. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we have no knowledge of him getting caught for this. So...

What other sorts of animmals do you think commonly get smuggled into Hogwarts? How would school staff go about finding these illegal animals? What is the punishment if said animals are found out?

~In PS/SS, when Ron and Harry are changing into their Hogwarts robes, a voice comes over the intercom asking all students to leave luggage on the train- it will be taken up to the school separately. But in OotP, Luna offers to carry Pig for Ron as they are getting off the train. When they are attempting to get a carriage up to the school, Ron insists he fing Pig and get him back from Luna before they go. Is he planning on bringing Pig to the sorting?

What sort of provisions do you think there are for pets at Hogwarts? Obviously owls are perfectly capable of fending for themselves, but what about cats? Do the houselves prepare meals for them? I think its safe to assume that students do not have to pack food for them, so how are they being fed?
And who is in charge of keeping track of pets at Hogwarts? Who would you go to if your pet suddenly went missing?

Just a few Q's that've been running around in my head