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Thread: Random Fic Button

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    You could always put it under like the search button.

    You know when you go into the advanced settings of search, how you can pick ratings, length ect. Maybe next to the dialogue box there could be another button "I'm feeling lucky!" or "Random Fic"

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    I'm currently working on the random fic option, but it will take a little while to code into the site.

    As for the Recommend an Older Story thread in the Fiction Junction, I will happily set that up. However, I'd like to remind you that the Suggestions forum is for suggestions to be incorporated into the site in general. For other suggestions that only affect one or two forums/categories, please PM individual moderators

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    I was going to suggest this too - good thing I looked through the threads!

    I still would really love the "Recommended Stories" to be updated more often. Not sure it there is an automated way to do that - perhaps a "Recommended" flag the moderators could set, and then the same functionality for the "Random" botton could be reused for "Recommended"? I don't code PHP but it seems like that would be reasonable. . . .

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