This is a collection of essays that concern the dynamics of various fan-fiction pairings, and how to/how not to write them.

This is a guide for anyone approaching the writing of a certain pairing - the authors of these essays have been hand-selected and approved to write these essays. They've proven that they have an idea what they're talking about.

If you have an essay to submit, please submit it to Marauder by Midnight via PM. Not all submissions will be approved. All essays should address the pairing from a fan-fiction standpoint and include points of characterisation, cliches and common mistakes. They should also be as objective as possible. They should also be free of technical errors.

Of particular interest are essays pertaining to pairings with their own categories on MNFF [Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, etc], as well as other canon pairings [Bill/Fleur, Molly/Arthur]. All other pairings are welcome, with the exclusion of pairings that would not be allowed on MNFF [ie, pairings that include incest or beastiality] .

Current Collection of Essays:

Draco/Ginny, by AlexisTaylor
Ron/Luna by TheVanishingAct
Draco/Hermione by coppercurls
James/Lily by ElectronicQuillster
Lucius/Narcissa by MorganRay