I'm afraid I have to agree that this site is too large to pair every single author with a beta. We can encourage you to find one, and we have a very good Beta hiring service here on the boards where you can find someone who really suits your writing style, but we have far too many authors and betas to get to know the skills of every individual.

It would be amazing to trust the work of our betas so completely that we don't have to read the fictions, but I'm afraid it simply wouldn't work on a site like ours.

That isn't to say that we don't trust and respect our betas - you all do an amazing job and it is very clear when a fiction has had the advantage of a good beta alongside it's author. But even beta's can slip up, and our site is a mixed ability group, with people writing their first fictions, or their thirty-first. We aim to help our authors through our rejections, our forums and our betas and in my many years on this site - I've seen it happen, and I'm very proud of the service we offer.

Our selection of validated authors have truly worked so hard to gain that status. We award it to our authors who have proven themselves many times over. They have the highest standards about their own work and we have 'validated' them because they moderate their own work.

Again, I stress that if you wish to become a validated author - just take care over your own work. Make it so that we don't need to moderate you anymore and you'll find yourself being validated. Otherwise, be glad that you've got a team of hard-working people to help you achieve your best.