On some other forums, there are procedures for becoming a "trusted author" who can upload chapters without waiting for modly approval. Usually it's something like submitting X chapters that have not needed revision or correction, with some discretion on the part of the mods (.e.g., if some of those chapters are "borderline," the mods might want to see a little more consistency).

My understanding is that MNFF does have "trusted authors," though I have no idea who has attained this lofty status. I also understand that it's pretty much assigned on an ad hoc basis. I am wondering, when there may be half a dozen mods assigned to a given category, how the mods remember how consistently any one author has been able to write to MNFF standards.

More trusted authors would mean shorter queues. This site has one of the highest standards for validating chapters that I have seen, which I appreciate (as much as I gnash my teeth when one of my chapters gets shelled for typos, a non-italicized spell incantation, or thick Orkney dialog ), but it's got to be a huge amount of work for the mods. Are there really so few authors able to avoid getting rejected consistently, or would it be possible to preserve the site's standards while reducing the number of chapters the mods have to personally read?