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Thread: Sirius/OC OR Oliver/OC

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    Sirius/OC OR Oliver/OC

    The two pairings you have read in the title are my current obsession. However the problem is that a lot of them are very cliche (past the cliche which is expected)!

    So please, I extend my request to the forum, are there any origional Oliver/OC or Sirius/OC fanfics that you could recommend? I would be FOREVER grateful!

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    Hi there! I have a Marauder Era fanfiction that has a lot of focus on Sirius/OC if you're interested. I cannot properly comment on whether or not it is cliched as I wrote it, but the feedback I've received suggests that my plotline is original. The link is in my signature if you want to take a look. Happy searching !

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    mmm Sirius/OC. You should really read The Upside of Being Down. Its the best Sirius/OC I've ever read, and its not cliched at all. The plot and the character are very original.

    I have one too called Red and Gold Silk Boxer Shorts. At the start it may seem cliched but I promise it gets MUCH more original.

    But yeah, definitely read Upside. Good story.


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    I'm willing to vouch for both padfootsgirl1981 and fg_weasley's stories. Both of them are extremely original and interesting reads.

    Here are the links: Things Aren't Always Black and White and Red and Gold Silk Boxer Shorts.

    As for Oliver/OC, have you read Do Be My Enemy for Friendship's Sake by, ByMerlinsBeard? It's the best Oliver/OC on the archive.

    Peace out.


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    Kerichi has a series of Sirius/OC fics that are absolutely amazing: Semi Charmed Life, A Charmed Life, and Far Away For Far Too Long.

    h_vic has a Oliver/Katie fic called Church Bells.


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    I'd read Kickin' It At the Top by Soap, if you haven't already. It's a MWPP era fic, but it focuses alot on Sirius's relationship with an OC, Anne. I'm also agreeing with fg_weasley's suggestion of The Upside of Being Down by Kimberley. I'm reading it right now, and it's great.


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    I have one called Never Dismiss Revenge. I'm not sure if you would find it cliche or not, but it's a one-shot about Oliver.

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