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    I'm planning out my plot for my D/A fic for my DADA class, and I need my main character to attempt suicide.
    How do you think wizards would commit suicide? I don't want to do Avada Kedavra, becuase someone saves her before she dies.
    Kudos in advance to those who reply.

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    A stoppable wizard suicide, how fun! It has to be a spell, because I'm thinking potion might be more fun. I obviously don't know the reasons behind it, but if the person had been thinking about it for some time, they may carry the vial around with them, waiting for the proper moment?

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    I used an overdose of sleeping potions when I wrote an attempted suicide. I imagine it would be a lot like taking an overdose of Muggle medicine and it would be easyish to find the person before they were dead and rush them to hospital. You could use almost any potion

    Alternatively you could use more muggle methods, hanging for example.

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    I quite like the idea of someone planning to commit suicide, and going to the apocathery and buying a slow-acting poison. They'd pick slow-acting because they want to drop off, like they're going to sleep, and because it would be easier for them to do. An instant death has been psycologically proven to be more difficult to do, because the person knows it's gopign to be over so quickly. A slow death is delaying the inevitable, even though they actually want it.

    So, a slow acting poison, I think. Of course, that would mean your person has enough time to come in and save the day, and it also means St Mungo's/your hero would have enough time to get an antidote.

    Cheerful topic, eh?


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    Oh, yes. Cheerful topic. Talking about suicide. Lol. See, I laughed, cheerful, right? So, yea, I agree that it should be a slow-acting poison. I actually just talked about suicide last week during health class and usually someone would want to die slowly, probably to use as a metaphor of what they think their life is. Slow and painful.


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    A slow death is delaying the inevitable, even though they actually want it.
    I have always read that attempting suicide is quite often really a cry for help and not a true desire to be dead. This explains the person who actually talks about it, before actually attempting, and the difference in the way one slits one's wrists, or a slow method, such as the one who takes an OD at home, when they know someone will be around, etc...This is not to suggest they aren't going to actually make an effort to kill themselves, of course, and one should always take the talk seriously. Anyway...

    If your character is really serious about killing herself, I'd go with a fast acting poison and have the discovery occur right away before it is too late. I find the Nundu, a rare creature with breath that can wipe out an entire village, interesting. Can you bottle breath of Nundu? We're talking magic, so, maybe. I have no idea if there is an antidote though. It isn't specified, so you could say yes, IMO. She'd have to go to shady areas, say Nocturn Alley to find it, though.

    If she is the cry for help sort, I agree that a sleeping potion OD sort of attempt would be in order. My only concern with the slow acting poison is that poisoning tends to be painful and highly unpleasant. Unless she not only feels despair but actually hates herself for some reason, I don't know why she would want to cause herself even more pain, physical as opposed to the mental that she must already feel.

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    You actually could use your imagination on this one. You could go with a fast acting poision where the person doesn't really know what she's getting herself into, yet she gets saved at the last second or you could have her use a slow working poision if she has this thing about wanting to feel physical pain to allevaite her emotional stresses.

    You could probably even invent your own potion of some sorts that could make her suffer slowly before dying; not necessarily a poision. Like the potion could make her feel like she's being burned alive or frozen to death or something like that. ((happy topic, no? Lol.)) You could either go with poision or use your imagination to make up a completely new thing


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    I think a slow acting potion would be bes, one that perhaps makes you go numb all throughout your body and then slowly you just become more tired until you drop off to sleep forever. Pretty cheap I know, but if you had a potion you could put things to help you with the final bit of saving them. E.g. anther character (who saves them) occasionally hears a cauldron bubbling or smells it etc.

    Sorry I didn't have any terribly good ideas, it's a little early on the weekend for me to think properly et the moment.


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