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Thread: Current Function Upgrades/Add-Ons Planned - Updated 09/27

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    Current Function Upgrades/Add-Ons Planned - Updated 09/27

    These ideas have been considered and favored by Mugglenet Fan Fiction moderators and are currently in serious planning mode if not implementation already.

    Alternate Fundraising Options
    Ad-Friendly Skins
    Epilogue? What Epilogue Warning - Added!
    Random Story Function (specified ratings optional)
    Severus/Lily Category - Added!
    Posts Counted in Poetry, Anyone? Forum - Added!
    TriWizard Tournament
    Profanity Warning - Added!

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    I'm intrigued. I haven't seen "Epilogue? What Epilogue Warning" explained - so, what is it warning against? The lack of an expected epilogue? The disregard of the epilogue in DH? Probably the last, eh?

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    A lot of our stories now are DH-compliant except for what was mentioned in the epilogue of the last book.. Therefore, this new warning is for the stories that don't really belong in the DH Disregarded classification.

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    The 'Mild Profanity' warning includes words/phrases like 'Bloody Hell!' 'Sh*t!' 'Damn', etc.?

    Thanks in advance!

    And great job, guys!

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    Great job to you mods for the hard work you have done so far.

    But I'm cruious about the "Alternate Fundraising Options" and where on the progress chart this has fallen under.

    I've been hearing a lot of rumors buzzing around concering the money being generated from the ads that are running on the site. As an author, and more importantly as a parent, the rumors have been a great conern for me and has caused me to pull a lot of my fics off MNFF.

    I think if this could be address or at least this new option explained, then maybe a lot of the MIA's and maybe the old mods might have a change of heart and return to the forum.

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    In regards to alternative fundraising, this is something that we are busy discussing and planning. As a step-mom myself, I also am concerned about some of the various ads. We have had discussions on how to make them more family friendly, but ultimately, we at MNFF do not choose the ads that are displayed. There are some alternatives in the works, and if members have any viable suggestions on ways to raise money/pay server costs, they are encouraged to PM moderators the details.

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