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Thread: How This Forum Should Be Used

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    How This Forum Should Be Used

    As requested by several members already, this forum has been created to allow you to communicate with the moderators of MNFF your needs and desires regarding what you'd like to see here.

    Please create a new thread for each request. It will make it easier to index, to respond, and, if possible, to act on each proposal.

    Please be as detailed as possible in your suggestion. However, if you only have a preliminary idea, that's fine too. It is likely that other users will see and like your idea and help you out.

    We will keep a post that will keep you all up-to-date with the projects that we will be taking on and adding to our site to make it better for our readers and writers.

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    This forum is already getting a little spammy guys. We really value your suggestions and we consider each one carefully, but our considerations are on how it will improve the site and how able we are to actually make the change. If you like an idea, that's great, but only post if you have something constructive to add.

    And please think carefully about your suggestions. How will it improve the site and why should we want to improve it in this way?

    We want your input, but we're incredibly busy people as you know and we don't have time to trawl through a million "I second this idea" posts or ideas that don't really benefit anyone.

    Thank you.

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