Here is a pretty bunny for a nice owner to take home...

Characters involved:

Hermione’s Parents, Hermione, Possibly Ron and Harry

Mood of plot bunny:

Light-hearted, but you can make it a little more serious if you so please.

Plot line:

Starting off in Australia, Wendell and Monica Wilkins are quite happy. They have finally achieved their lifelong ambition to move to Australia and have a opened little private dentist practise. However, after a while they start to feel as though something is missing in their life, something neither of them can place their finger on. One night at dinner Monica asks “How come we never had any children?”

Many months later, Monica and Wendell are having breakfast blissfully happy when the doorbell rings. They open the door to find a strangely familiar girl with bushy brown hair. The girl has a stunned look on her face, and is looking at the stomach of Monica, who is 8 months pregnant…

Other details:

This was originally intended to be a one-shot ending with what I just wrote there, but if you want to make it a chaptered fic, that is up to you. You are also welcome to have Ron and Harry travelling to Australia with Hermione or just have her travelling alone. It is not a very detailed bunny, but if you are going with the One-Shot plan, it would be better if you focused most of the time on Monica and Wendell, rather then just Hermione and her reaction to the news.

Have fun!