Okay, for one of my classes I'm doing a character study on Mrs Figg, so I thought I may as well create a thread here. Here's a few questions:

We know that both her parents were magical - she is a Squib, after all - but what blood status do you think her family would be?

Do you think she was once married? - If so, what sort of person would she be married to?

And sort of linking onto the previous question... Do you think 'Figg' is her maiden name or husband's name?

Did she live in Privet Drive before Harry did?

According to the HP Wiki, she trains Kneazels for a living, do you think she had a job before that? If so, what occupation do you see her in?

Generally, what sort of person do you think she would have been like in childhood?

I know it's difficult since we don't know a huge amount about her, but tell me what you think.