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Thread: The Lestranges and the Dementors

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    The Lestranges and the Dementors

    I've just got a couple of relatively straightforward questions because I don't have the books on hand to check, and even though they are on two topics, I didn't see the point in cluttering up the reference desk so I've chucked them in here together.

    Do we know how the Lestranges got caught? I know it was after they tortured the Longbottoms, but do we know if they were caught at the scene or whether they were tracked down afterwards? And also, do we know who turned them in?

    Do we know or have any hints as to whether Rabastan is older or younger than Rodolphus?

    And finally, did the Dementors go over to Voldemort during the first war?



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    I don't know this for sure but I think they were probably caught at the scene because the Aurors would not have been able to get anything of value out of Alice and Frank so to convict them all they would have needed to catch them in the act.

    The other point is that Barty Crouch was arrested because he was with them. If he were merely found at another house with them then there probably wouldn't have been enough evidence to convict especially as his dad could have pulled strings.


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    I agree with Carole on this one. I don't think that he would have been convicted unless he was caught at the scene with the Lestranges.
    All we know from the books though is that he was arrested with the Lestranges.

    As for the Dementors, I'm not sure if they did. While the Dementors would certainly be attracted to Voldemort's side and he would offer more, I'm not sure if people like Molly would be alright with them. She thinks that as long as they keep Black out that it's alright if they guard Hogwarts in PoA. Had they been on the dark side, I don't think that she would have felt that way.

    I don't think that they state it implicitly one way or the other, but I could be wrong on this.

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    HP-Lexicon says that both the Lestrange boys attended Hogwarts in the early 1970s, though no percific dates are given. From this, we can conclude that the boys are probably no more than a few years apart, and JK has probably never stated which was oldest. I always got the impression that Rodolphus was older, but only because he has a wife. I'm beginning to change my mind now I think on the topic. I think it's pretty much your call here, though I'd guess at a very small age difference.

    I always got the impression that the Dementors at least started to move towards Voldemort in the first war. I can't really elaborate though.

    I hope I've helped, though please remember that about half of this is my opinion. Also, I agree with Carole on the arrest aswell.

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    I agree with the others on your first Q.

    And finally, did the Dementors go over to Voldemort during the first war?
    I think not, though they may have gravitated towards Voldemort. I think if they had then they would have been removed from the service of the ministry (and destroyed?) Fudge trusts them with his life in GOF and if they had betrayed them then it's unlikely that he would. Unless the Dementors were only hired after the first war to give extra security to the large amount of convicts they now had. Or (this a story I'm working on, no stealing lol! *joke*) They were created by Voldemort in the first war, yet when he "died" so to speak they lost allegiance to him. The Ministry took them on after that. Just an idea...

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