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    Dementors *mods feel free to lock now unless anyone has any other comments to say*

    Sorry if this has been posted all ready.

    I was wondering if we knew how to destroy a dementor. Do you have do deprive them of souls so they "Starve" or can you simply kill them with the Killing Curse?

    If anyone has any ideas please reply, many thanks,



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    Hello There

    There is no canon evidence that Dementors can be destroyed. The patronus charm is said to be the only defense against them, but it only repels them.

    We know that Dementors can breed (DH) by feeding on a feast load of despair.

    I think the reason why destroying a Dementor is not in canon is because during most of Harry's time at Hogwarts, there was no reason to destroy them. The ministry used them on their criminals and they were quite a good threat to make wizards behave themselves.
    Up until around HBP they [the Dementors] were the only thing keeping Azkaban safe from break-out.

    So, I think you can get creative with this one. If Dementors can breed off despair, it is logical to think their population will diminish if there is a lot of happiness or equally positive feeling in the air.

    Hope that helped!

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    Hmm... You know I had been wondering the same thing.

    If there were a way of destroying them, I think you're on the right path. Although, I think the better question would be what their life source is. It could be souls, despair, pretty pink flowers that they eat when no one else is looking... I'd go with souls to be safe though, unless there's something else I'm not thinking of.

    Instead of creating a spell to take the souls back, maybe there's another 'creature', for lack of a better term, that feeds on souls also. Not one with the same agenda of a Dementor (feeding on despair and all) but one that captures the souls of dying men and women, and carries them to the after world.

    Just a thought,

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    Thanks, both of you have given great ideas and I really appreciate it! I'll try and think of something, best read 5, 6 & 7 for info on them. I imagine they have some magical powers other than the ones we know about.

    I'll try and work it into my story,


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