In my next gen universe, I have Audrey as a niece of Cornelius Fudge. They meet at a Ministry party, like inspirations said, and Fudge introduces them and they hit it off, so to say. She works there as well, but is not as high up as Percy, she works in an office I created, the Magical Authorisation Office, which decides which spells should be authorised for use from all the possible ones that the Experimantal and Developmental Commitees put forward.

I have her as being a Hufflepuff, a year younger than Percy. She's kind and intelligent, though quiet and shy in large crowds, and is usually lost among the other, louder, Weasley relations at family get-togethers. Though I imagine she would get on amazingly well with Molly.

I think the war and the loss of Fred humbled Percy dramatically and took him down a peg or two, and so I think that with this, his attitude towards women changed. In the books, we see him dating Ravenclaw Prefect, Penelope Clearwater, and I imagine he might have overlooked someone like Audrey who isn't particularly ambitious or high up in the Hogwarts ranking. But afterwards, I don't think this would have mattered so much to him.

Concerning her children, I think she would leave her job until the girls were at Hogwarts, I can see her getting very bored during the long terms when they aren't there and Percy is at work everyday. She strikes me as a hardworking woman who would want something to occupy her. But I really think she cares very much about her family, and is a very family orientated person, and would definetly be very upset when the last of her girls went off to school. I reckon she would be a kind mother, though, like Percy, would like rules and good etiquette and manners, though I don't think they would be strict. I think that, considering their parents, Lucy and Molly wouldn't need to be told twice to do something, or push the boundaries too much.

I don't think she would have fought in the final battle, she doesn't have that kind of courage, she would just try and protect what she had; siblings, parents, maybe grandparents, that kind of thing.

Ok, I'm done. Sigh, all this thought for a character I am never going to include in my nxt gen fic. Still, it's fun to do the research, right?

I have a question, what do you think she thinks about the other Weasleys? Did she come from a big family like them, or a small one, so that she finds the sheer size of them a bit intimidating? Maybe she likes the big family, and the closeness they have?