I tried to write a thread about him already, but it didn't come up. So here it is again.

Aberforth Dumbledore seems like a very... interesting character. He seems like a mixture of Albus and Phineas Nigellus, but that's just my take.

Anyways, Aberforth Dumbledore told us his whole story in the chapter who's name I can't remember. But he told us his story and the story of how Ariana died.

So he was pretty important to that chapter. He's also important to the end of the story, where the battle takes place. His pub was the place to go to get in and out Hogwarts undetected. I'm pretty sure there's a word for that, but I don't know what it is.

Alright. So to recap, Aberforth Dumbledore was important in that chapter because his pub served as a station to help people get in and out of Hogwarts undetected. He also told Harry, Ron, and Hermione information that helped uncover the mystery that is Albus Dumbledore.

Now, let's talk about Aberforth's Hogwarts years.

In Aberforth's story, he says that he didn't want to go to school. He said he wanted to stay home and take care of Ariana. But Albus wouldn't let him. He said edcuation was more important. Do you think Albus was being a good brother? Why or why not?

What House do you think Aberforth was in? Gryffindor? He does seem brave. Ravenclaw? He seemed averagely smart. Hufflepuff? I don't think he has patience enough for Hufflepuff. Slytherin? He is cunning...

What subject(s) do you think Aberforth excelled in? Do you think he was like his brother, who excelled in everything, or do you think he had a couple of subjects that he was good at? Do you think he had a favorite subject? A least favorite subject?

What teachers do you think Aberforth might've liked? What teachers do you think he might've disliked?

Do you think people called him 'Albus' little brother'? Do you think teachers compared him to Albus? Do you think teachers told him that he should try to be more like Albus? Do you think this would've annoyed Aberforth?

What kinds of friends do you think Aberforth would have? 'Golden Trio' type friends, or 'Crabbe and Goyle' type friends? (Golden Trio: Harry, Ron, and Hermione type friends; Crabbe and Goyle: Big mean thugs that do your bidding.)

Alright. Now let's talk about Post-Hogwarts.

What career do you think Aberforth had before being a barman? Do you think he was a goat charmer, like rumors say he is? Or do you think he's something else, but he did goat charm in his spare time?

Do you think Aberforth ever had a wife or girlfriend? If so, what would that person be like? Do you think Aberforth would be gay, like Albus?

Do you think Aberforth enjoys his job? Why or why not?

Okey-dokey. Now let's talk about his family.

Do you think he liked Ariana or Albus more? (Hint hint: Who's picture is in his bar?) Do you think he liked all the extra attention they got from their father's arrest? Why or why not?

Do you think he thought of his family as 'close' or 'torn apart'? Why or why not?

Alright... if you think of anything else to add, you can. I will enjoy reading your questions.