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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Historical Splinches: Time Travel - Results

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    Weekly Drabble Challenge - Historical Splinches: Time Travel - Results

    It's time for another Historical Splinch! Your prompt this week is to write a time travel drabble. However, you cannot alter the time line already created by JKR. In other words, you cannot write an AU. You can use any method in the Potterverse used for time travel [Time-Turners, etc.] or create an original method of time-travel. Again, you can use any character you want with the exception of the following:

    • Severus Snape
    • Alastor Moody
    • Hermione Granger
    • Tom Riddle
    • Anyone with a Potter surname
    • Lucius Malfoy
    • Minverva McGonagall

    The following form must be used when submitting your drabble responses to this post -
    PHP Code:
    B]Word Count:[/B]
    B]Character Used/Time Era Traveled:[/B]
    B]Author's Notes:[/B] 
    Winners will be awarded 15, 10, and 5 points respectively.

    All drabbles must be less than 500 words; All standard grammar rules, and MNFF submissions guidelines apply.

    The challenge will be up for a week, and be closed exactly a week later (September 21st).

    All questions should be referred to the Question Corner - Do not post questions here. Only drabbles!

    Not So New Anymore for the Weekly Challenges:
    Due to a major lack of quality drabbles being submitted to the weeklies, Gato Loco will require that some real thoughtful, original submissions be posted from this moment on or you'll end up like this woman here. That's your one and only warning! XD

    Other than that...have fun!

    ~Ebil One

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    using rare and complicated words

    Name: Equinox Chick
    House: The Wonderful Hufflepuff
    Title: A Twin Thing.
    Rating: 1st years (but see warnings)
    Warnings: Character Death, DH spoilers
    Word Count: 499 (phew)
    Character Used/Time Era Traveled: George Weasley/ 1998
    Authors Notes: * indicates dialogue from The Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    I had to butcher this down to 500 words- the original was double that. Many thanks, as ever, to Terri (mudbloodproud) for being generally fab.

    It was at Ron’s wedding that I first got the idea. Hermione, dizzy with champagne, had turned to Ron and said, “I wish I still had my time-turner, then I could re-live this day forever.”

    A time-turner. I’d heard her say.

    So they were not a myth. Hermione, who believed in nothing she couldn’t see, had used one. It must be possible to travel in time. Then I remembered Great Uncle Bilius and the story of how he’d saved his own great-grandfather. At the time everyone assumed that Bilius had been on the sauce again but...

    Uncle Bilius had bequeathed his diaries and books to Fred and me. We’d read though them briefly, chuckling at our Uncle’s preposterous tales, never taking them seriously. When I got home that night I went straight to his old trunk and pulled everything out. There, scribbled inside his potions book, was a recipe for a time-turning potion.

    It took two months to perfect. When Angelina asked why I was spending all my time in the lab, I ignored her. She’d become moody of late, obviously regretting her rushed marriage to the wrong twin.

    I made enough potion for thirty minutes; after that, according to Bilius, I’d automatically Disapparate.

    I arrived in the thick of the battle and rushed to find Fred.

    “Did I mention I’m resigning?”* I heard Percy shout.

    “You’re joking, Perce!”* I heard Fred laugh.

    “Now” I thought. “Now is the time to protect him. I’ll stop the wall crashing or push...”

    Everything stopped.

    “George,” said a voice, “are you going to save Fred by pushing someone else in front?”

    “No!” I replied. “I don’t want anyone to die.”

    “Someone has to die here, George. Who do you choose? Harry? Ron? Hermione?“

    I shook my head.

    “Are you considering Percy?”

    “No!” I denied it.

    “You'd rather Percy were alive than your twin?”

    “Percy has a family,” I argued. “His daughter, Molly, makes my parents’ lives happy again.”

    I looked around for my tormentor but could see no-one there. “I’ll die instead.”

    “And leave Fred to face life alone?”

    “He’ll have Angelina. He’s the one she loves.”

    “That’s not true.”

    “She was his girlfriend,” I moaned.

    “Only because he asked her first.”

    “Why's she so moody? She was never like this- not even when she was Quidditch Captain.” I tried to joke.

    “Merlin, you’re thick, Forge.”


    “Yeah, bro’ it’s Gred.”

    A wisp of silver appeared. I could see his smile. “There’s another Weasley on the way.”


    “Don’t argue. A Weasley died at the Battle of Hogwarts,” he said firmly then he smiled. “It’s a shame it was the best looking one but...” he paused, “the better twin survived, Forge.”

    The world unfroze. I heard a deafening sound as the air exploded. I saw Harry fly across the corridor, heard an anguished scream coming from beyond this place. Although I was silent now, the other me had known the instant Fred had died.

    It’s a twin thing.


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    Name: andromeda_tonks
    House: Hufflepuff!
    Title: Safely Far Away
    Rating: 3rd - 5th years
    Warnings: DH spoilers, Character Death
    Word Count: 311
    Character Used/Time Era Traveled: Aberforth and Ariana Dumbledore
    Authors Notes: I hope sending them both back is OK. Also, I wasn't sure on the rating, but decided the character death would push it up, in the end.

    Screams. Shouting. Fear. Oh, so much fear. Help me. Help them. Help Ab. I need to help Ab. How? I don’t know what to do.

    Something cold around my neck. Get it off, it’s strange, heavy. Everything swirly, spinning, flying. Lost in space. Missing. How can I help Ab now?

    Someone else in the darkness. Flying with me, swirling too. Heavy, familiar breathing. Ab. Ab is flying with me. But where am I? Landing. Ground beneath me feet? Hard. Stopped

    “Ari? Ari, are you OK?” Ab’s voice is worried. I need to make sure he’s OK. “Ari, speak to me!”

    “Ab? Where are we?”

    “I dunno. A long way away, I think. I didn’t know what to do, Ari, they were fighting and you were in the way.”

    “But how?”

    “This.” Ab holds up a strange necklace with a golden circle hanging from it. Inside the circle is a glass triangle pattern.

    “What is it?”

    “Dunno. When you spin it it takes you away.”

    “But...” I look around me. The place isn’t far away at all. “This is the garden. Why can’t we see Al and that boy fighting through the windows?”

    “I dunno that either. Just wanted to get you safe.”

    I was safe. Ab was safe, too, here with me. “Is Al safe?”

    “He’s fighting Grindelwald, ‘course he’s not safe.” Al beamed. He was happy that I was safe. But it felt wrong. Strange. What about Al?

    “Ab, Al needs to be safe too.”


    “Can that thing take us back to Al?”

    “We don’t need him.” Too cold. Not like Ab.

    “We do.” Heat flooding. Panic. Fear. “We need Al!”

    “But, Ari...”

    “Ab, we need Al!”

    I grab at the necklace. Sighing, he hooks it around my neck. Close my eyes against the swirling. Confusion again. Bangs, shouting, a flash of red light, blue, pink, orange.



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    Name: eternalangel
    Title:The Undone Past Leads to an Uncertain Future
    Rating: 6th-7th year
    Warnings: Some Violence.
    Word Count: 498
    Character Used/Time Era Traveled: Andromeda Tonks/1997
    Authors Notes: Ted Tonks was killed in 1997 (according to the lexicon). I have Andromeda going back to November, when Nymphadora is roughly three months pregnant. I hope I have gotten all the facts right.

    Andromeda felt her nails dig deeper into the cool palm of her hand in anger. Her eyes were bloodshot and feral as she paced across the room. Sitting on the dining room table was a rare potion, which had taken months to make. She knew of the dangers that this experimental potion she had gotten from Knockturn Alley came with; she knew that she was, very likely, going to die a horribly slow death.

    Ever since she had lost her entire family, Andromeda had not been able to sleep or think of anything, but revenge. When the avenue of vengeance had been closed off, she began to get desperate, and that was what led her to spend a fortune on a dangerous potion that gave her a flimsy chance to travel back to the past, and change it. She wasn’t going as a physical being, but as a ghost, only allowed to influence the thoughts of those she loved. It was risky separating her soul from her body for only a moment, but it was a risk she had to take and she had to take it at midnight. It was at the darkest hour that the darkest of magic could be performed.

    She remembered the day her husband, her daughter and her unborn grandson had been killed in one fell swoop. The Death Eaters had swarmed into their house one night in the dead of winter, led by her villainous sister Bellatrix. Ted had tried to fight off the Death Eaters, and Andromeda had tried to protect Nymphadora. Andromeda, being a pureblood, had immediately been stunned by Bellatrix, leaving her helpless to stop the murders of her husband and her three month pregnant daughter.

    Andromeda’s old anger rolled through her. The clock struck midnight, and she was ready. She grabbed the potion and, without hesitation, drank the entirety of the vial. An icy electricity sizzled through her, thrilling every nerve ending. She closed her eyes and felt a scorching pain as if every attachment of her soul to her body was being severed by a blade of fire. Soon though, she felt light as air.

    Andromeda opened her eyes and found herself in her family room one month before the attack, looking down on the still forms of her husband and daughter frozen in time. Nymphadora was curled up on a sofa near the fire, her slightly protruding belly covered with a blanket. Ted sat in an armchair reading the Evening Prophet, his brows furrowed in worry.

    The Potioneer had said that all Andromeda had to do was whisper in her husband’s and daughter’s ears and it would trigger a thought in their minds. A thought would trigger a process of thoughts, which would change the actions they would take.

    Andromeda’s presence floated over to her daughter.

    “Nymphadora, you and Remus must go into hiding!”

    Nymphadora shuddered in her sleep, and then whispered Andromeda’s words aloud.

    Andromeda then turned to her husband, and whispered one word, “Run!”

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    Pinkcess of the Abyss
    Name: Pinkcess of the Abyss
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Catching the Culprit
    Rating: 3rd to 4th years
    Warnings: None really, Filch just says a sort of swear-word.
    Word Count: 498
    Character Used/Time Era Traveled: Argus Filch travels during the Weasley Twins' first-year.
    Authors Notes: Sorry if you wanted a timetravel drabble where someone goes further back in time than ten minuets, but this just demanded that I write it. Hopefully you'll still find it enjoyable.

    Argus gnashed his teeth and shook his grubby fist after a pair of terrors. Their footsteps and laugher danced past his eardrums and bounced around his brain like a blue-bottle trapped in a glass. “Dratted troublemakers!” he snarled, “One of these days, my pretty, you mark my words, I’ll get em! I’ll get em good...”

    He spat in disgust as he lent down to scoop poor Mrs. Norris into his arms. She purred and rubbed her scorched hair upon his cheek. Chunks of blackened, ginger fur tumbled to the stone floor. He cursed the merciless demons that would do something this, this, cruel to his friend. Oh, he was going to get them back alright, but first he needed to know which disgusting, devilish monster committed this atrocious felony! And he had just the thing.

    Part of Argus’ job included cleaning the Professors’ offices. This meant that he got to poke around in their private draws. In one particular office Argus had spotted a device known as a time-turner. He had sworn to himself that he would not pilfer the device unless it was an absolute emergency. However, such an act of brutality could not go unpunished.

    With vicious thoughts of torment and torture Argus rummaged through the draws of McGonagall’s office until his hand enclosed upon the tiny, golden hourglass. “Got ya,” he hissed with a gleeful laugh. He clutched the precious device and moved the glass back ten short minuets. Time swirled around him and he cackled in delight.

    When everything fell still he limped hastily from the office and back to the scene of the crime. No one had arrived yet, but small child-like footsteps told him that he would soon have company. Within moments two first-year boys, identical in appearance, came ambling around the corner. “So there you are, you little sneaks!” he muttered to himself, and then louder snarled, “Oi! You two! Turn out yer pockets!”

    The boys froze in their path, but did as he commanded. He snatched what they handed to him with fever: sugar mice, jelly worms, blood-pops, a broken sling-shot and, to his delight, a big, red firecracker.

    “Got ya!” he cackled, “detention for a month, the both of yar! Now, get out of my sight!” The boys glanced fearfully at one another before scurrying off down the corridor. Filch grinned crookedly at his success.

    A familiar meow brought him out of his victory dance. He looked down to see Mrs. Norris weaving through his legs. “I got em, my love, I got the devils!” he told her, just as the clumping sound of his own footsteps reached his ears. He froze and searched frantically for a place to hide. A classroom lay open nearby and with quick steps he scampered in.

    “Crack, BANG!” echoed through the corridor.

    “Dratted toublemakers!” he heard his own voice shout. The colour drained from his face and he looked down into his shaking hands: sugar mice, jelly worms, blood-pops, broken sling shot...


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    Name: inspirations
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: I want to fight.
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: DH spoilers. Mentions character death.
    Word Count: 364
    Character Used/Time Era Traveled: Teddy Lupin/1998
    Authors Notes: I hope using the Pensieve is ok. It seems like a time-travel device to me.

    Teddy sat in Harry Potter’s study, waiting for his Godfather. His eyes wandered around the comfortable room, before falling on the Pensieve that sat in the corner. He’d asked Harry about it on numerous occasions, but he only ever got vague answers in reply.

    Standing up, Ted made his way towards the artefact carefully; a pearly substance swirled within it. He leaned forward, and overcome by his growing curiosity, he put his head in the basin. He sniffed at the concoction, but couldn’t sense an odour. Then he began to fall – the tip of his nose had touched it.

    ‘Oomph!’ Ted gasped, landing heavily.

    He looked about the room, and quickly realised that he was sitting in the middle of his lounge. His Grandma, Andromeda, was sitting on the sofa, a pair of knitting needles clicking automatically before her. What puzzled him was that she hadn’t even looked up when he landed in the room.

    Voices echoed outside the door, and before Ted had even stood up to compose himself, his Mother had entered the room.

    ‘Mum?’ he asked. Confusion fell on his face when his Mother didn’t answer.

    Tonks clutched a baby to her chest. It had turquoise hair, and Ted’s stomach somersaulted when he realised it was him.

    ‘I’ve gone back in time,’ he whispered, realising the truth.

    ‘Nymphadora!’ his Father called, bursting through the door.

    ‘Don’t call me that!’ she snapped.

    ‘It’s started – it has started!’ Remus Lupin pulled his coat on hurriedly. He gave his wife a peck on the cheek, and his baby one too.

    ‘I’m coming!’ Dora began. ‘I want to fight.’

    Remus spun around to face her. ‘No, Dora. You have to stay here – for Teddy.’

    The present-day-Ted found his eyes welling up as he watched his father begin his walk into Death’s arms.

    A pop echoed throughout the room. Lupin had disapparated, and Teddy’s vision was beginning to fade.

    He landed back in Harry’s study, and found Andromeda standing beside the Pensieve. She scooped him into a hug.

    ‘Now you know what I do when we visit your Godfather,’ Andromeda choked into his ear. ‘That was the last time we saw your Father.’
    I hope you liked it.

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    Odd that after years of not writing drabbles, I find that they're the only things I'm able to start and finish. >.<

    Name: lily_evans34
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Truth
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 499, whoot.
    Character Used/Time Era Traveled: Blaise Zabini, Post Hogwarts, during Harry and Ginny's wedding.
    Authors Notes: In the world around which this drabble was created, Blaise and Ginny dated during the latter's sixth year. Not strictly AU - it could have happened. You'll just have to ask Ginny.

    His fingers fumbled the timeturner around his neck, his hands both trembling and clammy. The metal was cold, and lighter than he had expected, as though it were in danger of fading away into the folds of his robes. He sighed before he lifted it, turning it six times.

    The dusty bookshelves and dishevelled apartment vanished before his eyes as the scene around him blurred, and he found himself to be at the day to which he swore he would never return.

    The first time he had witnessed her wedding, he was mere rows away. He could see every tear which had clung to her eyelashes, he could almost feel the radiance which resonated from her ardent smile.

    But now he stood in the shadows of the forest in the background, and he could see the back of his dark head somewhere amid the sea of strangers. He watched almost hypnotically as the one he loved was bound to another for life.

    He almost welcomed the pain, because it meant that he got to see her again.

    Her red hair was vivid among the crowd, and even when the others around her became a blur, he could make out her smile. And he waited.

    He couldn’t be certain how much time had passed since the wedding had began, but it had grown dark by the time he finally saw her extricate herself from the multitude and sit at a table away from everyone else. He knew this was his chance – he had left the wedding shortly after the party began, and she had not seen him go. He had made sure of that.

    Walking silently to her table, he saw that she was holding her ring delicately with her left hand, smiling to herself. Her eyes gleamed with tears, and he almost lost his nerve. Surely it would be better to walk away now.

    “It should have been us.”

    The finality in his voice startled him, but on the contrary, she didn’t appear startled to see him there.

    “You know it couldn’t have been, Blaise. It was never right. For either of us.”

    He shook his head. “It was always you, Ginny. Always.”

    Her green eyes met his before she looked away. “Blaise, I… I was only ever with you because I was upset about Harry. I was lonely. You know this. I told you this… before.”

    He stared down at her, and considered sitting beside her. But he didn’t think he could take being any closer.

    “I love you, Ginny.”

    As she met his gaze for the second time, he saw that her hazel eyes were streaked with red, tired. Not the passionate eyes that he remembered.

    “I never loved you, Blaise.”

    He nodded. It was easier than he had anticipated, acting as though the world weren’t crumbling around him.

    As she looked away, his hands instinctively reached for the timeturner around his neck. The one he knew he would never use again.

    “I just needed to know.”

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    Name: luinrina
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Of His Blood
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: none
    Word Count: 495 (according to MSW)
    Character Used/Time Era Traveled: Regulus Black, sent back to 1863
    Authors Notes:

    ‘If you continue fidgeting with your wand, you’ll poke my eye out,’ Regulus snarled and shoved the tip of Rabastan’s wand out of his face.

    Bellatrix cackled while Rabastan turned pink. ‘Sorry,’ the seventeen year old mumbled. He quickly devoted himself to his homework again.

    ‘Tell me again, brother-in-law,’ Bellatrix questioned in a bored voice after ten minutes of silence, ‘why do you have to be here with us?’

    Rabastan, who had been practising non-verbal spells, turned towards her and said, ‘I need to talk to my brother.’ He didn’t pay attention where he was pointing his wand at, and with a thoughtless flick of his wrist, violet sparks shot out of the wand’s tip.

    Flying directly to where Regulus sat.

    ‘OI!’ the black-haired wizard shouted, but the next moment he felt a lurking sensation around his navel; it was like travelling by Portkey.

    When his head stopped spinning, Regulus carefully opened his eyes – and found himself looking into the grey eyes of an approximately nine year old child. The girl stared at him, petrified in whatever she had been doing before Regulus appeared out of thin air.

    Seconds ticked by; Regulus could loudly hear an old grandfather clock behind him. Then, suddenly, the girl let the book she had been carrying fall to the floor and started screaming, running and backing up against the wall.

    Regulus stood. He needed to silence her. After all, he didn’t know what had happened. He might have been sent somewhere dangerous.

    ‘Please, stop screaming,’ he begged her. ‘I’m not going to hurt you.’

    But she wouldn’t fall silent.

    Suddenly, the door opened, and Regulus saw something hurtling towards him. Before he realised what was going on, he was banged against his knee with a pot. ‘You leave Miss alone.’

    Regulus simply stepped away from the creature. Then he took the time to notice two things: First, the girl had stopped screaming, and second, the creature was a house-elf. A rather vicious looking one with the pot in her hand. He at least assumed that the house-elf was female.

    ‘I’m not going to hurt anybody.’

    ‘Who are you?’

    Regulus looked up again; the girl had asked him this. She stood still backed up against the wall, but showed curiosity. Her grey eyes sparkled with interest.

    And it was something familiar in those eyes that let Regulus ask, ‘What’s your name?’

    ‘Isla. My name is Isla Lyrae Black,’ she answered proudly, but she also eyed him carefully. ‘What’s your name?’

    He blinked several times. ‘I think we’re rela—’

    But what he had wanted to say never was said because in that exact moment the lurking feeling in his navel returned and everything started spinning again. A second later, however, the swirling stopped, and Regulus stumbled forward before he was able to catch his balance.

    ‘Back again, cousin?’ he heard the familiar sneer of Bellatrix.

    He didn’t answer but glared at Rabastan who looked guilty.

    ‘Sorry,’ Rabastan whispered, then ran.
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    Name: mudbloodproud
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: To Fix a Mistake
    Rating: 1st-2nd years
    Warnings: none
    Word Count: 500(according to MSW)
    Character Used/Time Era Traveled: Narcissa Malfoy - May 2, 1998
    Authors Notes: The * dialogue is from The Deathly Hallows, chapter 36, The Flaw in the Plan, pages 725-726. The dialogue is exact though dialogue tags may be slightly different or omitted.

    In the early morning silence, Narcissa Malfoy looked out the window of her small bedroom at the rain. Her son was dead, her husband was dead. The Dark Lord reigned supreme. She knew if she could, she would go back in time and change the one thing she did that turned the war in favour of the Dark Lord.

    She had nothing left to live for. It was time to end her suffering. She would go to Knockturn Alley and purchase the supplies she needed to end her life.

    She crept quietly out of the house, then turned and Apparated to the now bustling Knockturn Alley. As she approached the Potion shop, she spotted something that made her heart skip a beat. There set up on a small table was what appeared to be a Time-Turner.

    Approaching the wizard behind the table, she simply asked him how much and purchased the necklace without another word. She immediately Apparated to the Forbidden Forest and placed the necklace around her neck. She knew the mechanics of how this worked, one turn for every hour she wanted to go back. Closing her eyes, she counted carefully, as she turned the little hourglass thirty-six times.

    Opening her eyes, she realized she had arrived in the forest with only a few minutes to spare, She remembered she had excused herself from the group of Death Eaters around the fire to take care of a private matter.

    Quickly, she hurried to the spot her past self would be in a moment. As she saw herself approach, she silently cast the spell to stun herself and therefore keeping her past self out of the way so she could do what needed to be done.

    Rushing back to the fire, she took her place and waited for what she knew was about to happen.

    I simply have to tell him Harry is dead. That will change the outcome of this war, she thought to herself.

    *”You,” she heard him say as she felt the pain from his spell and shrieked in pain unwillingly. “Examine him. Tell me whether he is dead.”

    Narcissa went over to where Potter lay pretending to be dead. She had just this one chance to fix her mistake. But she had to make sure.

    *Is Draco alive? Is he in the castle?”


    *”He is dead!” Narcissa called to the watchers.

    As she watched the celebration, she slipped back into the forest. She bent down to the woman laying there, terror showing clearly in her eyes.

    “I have come back from the future to change what you did. I have told him Harry is dead. It was the only way to save Draco and Lucius. Go back now, and pretend it was you all along. Do not tell anyone of this, if you do, it will mean Draco and Lucius are killed in the next hour.”

    Lifting the spell, Narcissa turned the hourglass and went back to what she hoped was a better future.
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    XD Finally judged!

    ++First Place::
    Catch the Culprit by Pinkcess of the Abyss’s

    ++Second Place::
    I want to fight by inspirations

    ++Third Place::
    Truth by lily_evans34

    Points will be posted shortly.
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