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Thread: The Weekly Drabble - Epitaphs and Eulogies - Results in!

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    Aquilus Luna
    Author: Aquilus Luna
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: A Final Thank You
    Word Count: 347
    Warnings: Character Death

    “For those of you who know me, especially those who went to school with me, you may be wondering why I, Draco Malfoy, am standing here, about to give the eulogy for Hermione Granger. Heck! I’m wondering that myself. I still don’t know why it’s me up here, and not one of her best friends.”

    Draco looked around solemnly at the faces in the crowd waiting expectantly. He took a deep breath before continuing.

    “I was taught, practically since birth, that muggleborns were filth, the scourge of the wizarding world. I came to Hogwarts thinking just that, expecting that every muggleborn I met would be incompetent, exactly for the reason that I was taught to believe that.

    “Hermione Granger was different. She was top of the year, the favorite of all the teachers. And for that, I treated her like filth. But that didn’t stop the immense amount of respect I felt for her. She stood up for what she believed in and never backed down.

    “My respect for her grew after we left Hogwarts. She was a major influence in the war against Voldemort. She discovered a potion to cure lycanthropy. She was there on the battlefield, the day of the Final Battle. But most importantly, she believed in me when I switched over to the good side. She may not have liked me, but she was there for me, and for that, I can never thank her enough.

    “We were never friends, but now that she’s gone, I feel as though I’ve lost a big part of me. She was the part that stuck with me when nobody else would, the part that believed in me, even after all I’d done to her in the past.” By now, even Draco was beginning to choke up.

    “Even after all she’d done for me, I never got the chance to properly thank her. I only hope that somewhere, she’s listening, and knows that this was the best thank you I could think to give her.

    “So never forget Hermione Granger, because I know that I never will.”

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    Author: LadyAlesha
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Not a Day of Mourning
    Word Count: 179
    Warnings: Character Death, I suppose

    „Today shouldn’t be a day of mourning, today should be a day of celebration!” Harry’s voice rang out loud and clear over the assembled crowd, drawing many scandalised looks. “Ron Weasley’s death is no great tragedy, but an act of true heroism. All this time I’ve been doing him injustice. I’ve been selfish and vain; thinking that it was my fault he died, imagining myself responsible, feeling guilty. When in truth no one is responsible for his death. Ron chose to die, and he did it because he loved me, me and everybody else present today. Ron knew what had to be done for us to win this war and he didn’t hesitate to do what he had to to make it happen. We wouldn’t be where we are today, if not for him. Most of us wouldn’t even be alive today. It takes great courage and love to do what Ron did, to sacrifice himself for others. I bow my head in the face of such selfless love. I bow to the only true hero of the war!”

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    Author: dory_the_fishie
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: A Good Person
    Word Count: 446
    Warnings: character death, I guess

    He approaches the podium with a slow walk (most might mistake it for mourning, but he knows it is more than that – it is anger and it is hatred and it is sorrow). He faces the small gathering of people with a look on his face that suggests he is doing his best not to let a tear fall, and perhaps he is, but he simply takes a deep breath and says what he needs to say before he can convince himself not to.

    “I’m not here to talk about how my brother led a good life, or about how he was killed so young, or about how much I miss and will always remember him. I’m here to talk about my brother the way I knew him, and if it isn’t perfect, I’m sorry – but neither was he.”

    He sees the vaguely confused looks on their faces, the quick glances to their neighbor, but then he sees his best friend standing at the back give him a nod, and he knows what is he is doing is right.

    “My brother was younger than me, as you all know, but he was the son my parents had always wanted. He was a perfect Slytherin and a proud pureblood. He…I’m not going to pretend that my brother and I had a perfect relationship because we didn’t. We didn’t talk, we didn’t have the same friends, we quite frankly avoided each other. We didn’t act like brothers, and I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t consider him one.

    “When I read that my brother had died – had been murdered – I wasn’t…I wasn’t sad at first. No, my first thought was that it served him right, the Death Eater.”

    A slight and almost inaudible gasp reverberates through the crowd despite the fact that they all had known that his brother was a Death Eater. The newspaper article had not kept it a secret. He continues on, ignoring the judgmental eyes staring at him.

    “But then I realized what had happened. My brother, my little brother, was dead. It didn’t matter the person he had been and what he had chosen to do with his life. All that mattered was that he wasn’t coming back and he would never have a chance to…to live a better life.

    “And then, then I realized something else.” He took another deep breath, subconsciously running a hand through his black hair. “My brother did not lead a good life, but he was a good person. He was a good person, and he deserves more than I ever gave him.”

    He turns and walks away, whispering to himself, “Regulus was a good person.”

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    Author: SiriuslyMental
    Title: Through Shadow Comes the Light
    Word Count:498
    Warnings: The characters are already dead in canon, so I guess there aren't any warnings.

    The crowds were long gone, the sun nearly set. A small patch of green grass glistened in the rain.

    They say that there is a heaven, somewhere above, and the good may go there when at last they part with the Earth. They say it is a beautiful place that knows no pain, no suffering. Only bliss.

    He had never been one to believe in such things.

    The rain continued to fall, and he stood, his figure outlined by the flash of lightning in the sky above. Twelve years he waited to see this sight. Twelve years he suffered in darkness, comforted only by the fact that it was waiting for him, somewhere beyond the iron walls and gates of his prison. His friends were waiting.

    He looked again at the stone, reading the inscriptions. Pretty words, but they told him nothing. This stone could never bring back the happy boy with untidy black hair and that ever-present smirk. The overcast sky held no remnants of the smiling child who used to fly amongst the clouds on his broomstick and up to heaven itself. The laughter and tears shed by two dear friends on a gloomy winter's eve would never be found in the rain.

    So, he stood, a solitary figure amidst a galaxy of courageous men and lovely women, remembering. Little boys cried as their best friends held them and the rain was falling and he was trying so hard to remember, but it was pulling him back into the darkness.

    The rain fell and, eventually, the sun came out. The birds chirped from the trees in their merry way; the world was oblivious to his pain.

    What he was waiting for he would never know. Surely there should have been something? A great clap of thunder? A jackdaw screeching from the grave nearby?

    This place held nothing but bodies and beautiful poetry.

    Great sod above, rest light! Rest light!
    Goodnight, my friends. My brother, good night.

    Moony's words, no doubt.

    And suddenly, it was too much for him. The sun and the rain and the bird singing in their nests. He fell forward, forehead pressed against those lovely words. That boy on his broomstick was not coming back down to perform some spectacular dive and save the day. That girl would not brighten up any more rooms with her smile. This place, this place held bodies and carefully carved inscriptions. There was no soul here, and at last he understood. He understood how the rain could fall with the sun still shining, how a man who lost everything could feel actual happiness. For one fleeting moment, he felt joy in his chest, flooding it.

    The boy on his broomstick with the smile and the laughter was back again in his mind's eye. He would not let himself be forgotten.

    People were drifting in, and he knew it was time to leave.

    ‘Looks like you flew a bit too high this time, mate.’

    The rain continued to fall.

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    Author Name: BlackHairedWeasley :: Jace
    House: Slytherin
    Title: The Vineyard Tomb
    Word Count: 433
    Warnings: None

    The young man took the blunt of his finished cigarette and flicked it into the black lake. Today was going to be the hardest day he'd ever have to face. He ran a hand through his thick brown hair as he looked over the vast amount of headstones, all varying in size. Somehow to culminate this cemetary, there was a set of about eight or nine tombs near the edge of the water, a large white tomb at the end of them all. A vast number of chairs sat near these tombs, as did many who have come to pay their last respects.

    He stepped across the wet grass slowly. He may have wanted this over with, but at the same time he never wanted to say goodbye to the one wizard who seemed to understand him. The body, wrapped in thick red fabric, was placed on the platform in front of the chairs. He stepped in front of the crowd, still feeling unprepared as a hush fell over them.

    “I suppose we're here,” He began, “to say goodbye to a great teacher of ours. For the Gryffindors, he was your head of house. For the rest, the upbeat herbology teacher. For me he was so much more than a friend. He was like a father to me in more ways than one.” He let out a reluctant laugh, “Why else would a Slytherin be giving the eulogy?” He thought he heard a few titters amongst those in the crowd, and continued.

    “He was always more than willing to listen to his students,” He said placing his hands behind his back, “And during class, always asked for input from them as well. He was always understanding when we had troubles, whether they be academic or personal, and was more than willing to take time out of his schedule for us.” He felt a burn behind his eyes and immediately looked up, as if to keep them from falling out. “He was more than just a teacher for all of us.”

    He turned around and took a long look at what used to be Neville Longbottom, head of Gryffindor house and beloved herbology teacher, and watched as thick vines protruded from the inside of the fabric. The vines wrapped themselves very tightly around the platform until they finally covered the entire surface. Then, as if in slow-motion, the vines began to grey, and eventually turned to a bright white.

    The seventh-year Slytherin placed his hand upon the stone of the newly-made tomb and said, “I'll miss you, my friend.”
    Goodbye, everyone.
    Thanks for the memories.

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    Author Name: Lurid.
    House: RAVENCLAW!
    Title: Fought Like Brother's
    Word Count: 120.
    Warnings: A Character Death is a Given.

    “I’m here today to honour two hero’s. We’re here, together, to recognise their importance, their courage, their perseverance, and to honour their memories.”

    A sniffle.

    “They fought like heroes died like heroes, and they were my brother’s.”

    “They protected me, defended me, and were loved by me.”

    “They died, protecting me. They died, defending me. And they died, being loved. By me.”

    A tear ran down a blotchy red cheek. A hand wiped it away, and continued their voice wobbling.

    “They fought like brothers, the entire time. Not one had the back to the other. Side by side, they faced the same fate.”

    “Side by side, they perished.”

    “You’re here today, to honour Gideon and Fabian Prewett.”

    “Lest we forget.”

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    Author Name: Periwinkle
    House: Proud Hufflepuff!!
    Title: "Thank You"
    Word Count: 384
    Warnings: Character Death, I suppose.

    It was quiet, still. A faint, almost non-existent breeze was the only moving thing in the graveyard, twisting through the huddled group of relatives. They all donned black. Some were crying, others stood there, staring at the ground.

    Harry was surprised that he had even come. Why should he have, anyway? It's not like he had to. They wouldn't care, just as they hadn't before. But he did come. He was here, standing on the sullen earth, gazing at the casket before him. Red roses lay scattered, contrasting with the blackness underneath.

    The priest began to speak, reading from a little prayer book. But Harry didn't hear him. A lone bird gave out a cry that echoed, making some flinch. The harshness of it cut through the motionless air. He couldn't help but think it was a sign. A sign of what her life was. What it had been.

    He knew he couldn't leave it at that. She had done a lot for him, even though she had never loved him. He knew what he had to do. Waiting until the priest finished and scattered a fistful of dirt on the painted wood, Harry moved forward.

    Pausing, he searched for the right words. "We are gathered today," he began, swallowing, "to watch as Petunia Dursley is lowered beneath the ground. We are here to witness her body disappearing from us forever."

    He stopped, unsure how to continue. People avoided his eyes, taking in the refuge of looking at the coffin.

    "When I arrived on her doorstep twenty years ago, she was unwilling to take me in. But she did. She did, although she didn't want to. I don't know where I would be -- what my life would be right now, if it wasn't for her.

    "She didn't love me, and I didn't love her. But she gave me a place to stay, at least for a little while. I owe her much. I owe her my thanks. So, thank you, Petunia. Thank you for taking me in and caring for me, even though you probably hated it."

    Two men moved forward, taking up the casket and lowered it. He watched as it disappeared from view, hiding in the ground, never to be seen again. They began to cover it up with the remaining earth.

    "Thank you."
    Title: "I'm Not Sorry"
    Word Count: 282
    Warnings: Character Death

    He looks over the medley of dark colors in front of him, ranging from dark green to pitch-black.

    Green. His father loved the color green. He wore it all the time and most of his accessories were a rich green color. He misses that about his father. He misses the solemnity in the green color.

    Green isn't taken as a violent color. Green is a quiet color, bold yet subtle. Just like his father. No one expected him to be a killer; a murderer. No one thought that a man wearing green, his blond hair flowing past his shoulders was a killer. But appearances are deceiving. Draco knows that. He turns to his mother, standing near him. Her face is fathomless. But he knows how she feels. She told him yesterday. She is not sorry for his death. She tells him Lucius deserved it.

    And he believes her. There was a time where he looked up to his father. His father was his hero. But not anymore.

    "Here lies the grave of my father," he begins bitterly, staring at the patches of grass growing on the muddy ground covering the grave. "He was a Death Eater. He murdered, robbed and tortured. And when he died, I heard him say something."

    They look at him expectantly, hoping that his words would somehow change the legacy of Lucius Malfoy.

    "He told me, 'I'm not sorry.'" Gasps travel through the small group, quickly extinguished. "Those were his last words."

    He sees his mother bite her lip. "So, Father, I repeat them back to you. I'm not sorry. I'm not sorry for your death."

    He throws the flower in his hand on the grass and leaves.

    There is silence behind him.

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    Author Name: butterflykisses
    House: Salthazar (Slytherin)
    Title: Never Forgotten
    Word Count: 379
    Warnings: Character Death? Maybe?

    A crowd of a handful of people dressed in different shades of ebony gathered at a small, private cemetery of the Potters. It had been two weeks since James and Lily’s deaths, and funerals were rare. Yet, Remus had insisted they have a proper burial—it was the only way to give him some sense of closure. But he also knew it was what they would have wanted and what James’ parents would have wanted.

    “Today, we join together to mourn the loss of two very dear friends.” Remus began, the tears were already welling up.

    With difficulty, he continued. “James was a brother to many and friend to more. He was always up to something and knew how to have fun. His heart was one of genuine care and love, especially for his family. As a husband, James never cared for anyone more than his wife. As a father, he protected his infant son and loved him with all the love a father could ever give. James was a man that knew what was right and stood up and fought for what he believed in. He stood up and fought until the very end, defending his beliefs and his family.”

    Remus glanced up from his notes and found Mrs. Potter’s puffy, red eyes swimming with tears. Tears slid down his pale cheeks, reflecting hers.

    Clearing his throat, he carried on. “Lily was a mother from the beginning. She cared for people with an amount of love I could never reciprocate. Her knowledge and wisdom helped shaped us all. Her kind words always helped ease the pain in these difficult times.”

    All eyes were on Remus as he drew his discourse to an end, “When James and Lily had her son, I had never seen them so joyous and proud, but never had I seen them both so afraid.

    “James and Lily will forever be with us. They gave each of us a part of themselves when they helped and cared for us. Not only that, but they also gave us baby Harry- their son who already reflects his fathers’ appearance but his mother’s tender heart.”

    Remus looked over at the two coffins resting beside him. “James and Lily, you will be sorely missed, but not forgotten. Never forgotten.”

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    *Please note, I am only posting my drabble for participation points. As a mod I cannot win but I was in a writing mood and the plot bunny bit hard*

    Author Name: Sneaky_Rhae
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: His Angel
    Word Count: 451
    Warnings: A very heartbroken old man.

    The man was so old that he needed help to get to the platform. Once there, he stood as straight and as tall as his hunched-over form allowed, his cane in one hand and a very crumpled piece of parchment in the other. Tears ran unbidden down his sunken cheeks as he began to speak in a voice so slight only those close heard it.

    “We are here today to honor a woman who meant a great deal to everyone gathered here today. She was more than a woman to me; she was my salvation and my home. She gave me her love and blessed me with the most wonderful family a man could ever know. Everyday I thanked Merlin that I should have found her, and that she would choose me over all the other better men in the world.”

    Here the man paused and ran a hand through his sparse, red hair. He took a shaky breath and continued speaking.

    “I always expected to be the one to go first. There were so many times in this life that I thought the time had me to come to leave her, and always it was the thought of her that kept me from dying. For as much joy she brought to my life, the thought of keeping her from despair made me fight harder than anything else. Things are not always in our control, even with magic, and I couldn’t save her now-“

    The man, choked up, took a few moments to collect himself. He had to finish telling the world of his beloved, it was the greatest honor that he could do her. With his eyes closed, he began again.

    “Though she was taken from us before her time, she lived a full and happy life. She would want us to continue on, raise our families and remember to love. Her life is a great example for us to follow and I only hope that we may live up to do her honor.”

    At once the man opened his eyes and looked to the sky, tears still freely streaming down his cheeks.

    “My precious Molly, you were more of a woman than I ever deserved and if I had a thousand lifetimes to live, I could never deserve you. I love you more than my life and I hope to see you very soon. Rest assured that we will never forget you.”

    With a son on each side, Arthur Weasley resumed his seat as the ceremony went on. He didn’t know how he would live without the woman who had been his constant companion for so long and he hoped that he wouldn’t have to do it for long.

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    Name: Starmaiden
    House: Ravenclaw
    Word Count: 324

    “You were parents for one year. You watched your son grow up, start to walk, start to talk baby talk; Remus says you were both so thrilled about every little thing. I wish you had lived to tell those stories yourselves. You loved your baby; Sirius said he found you crying more than once, because you were so afraid of what might happen to your son, or what would happen if you were hurt.

    “You trusted your friends. You trusted them a little too much. Peter was your downfall – but you were there for your real friends, even when you didn’t know who they were. Mundungus said that you helped hold the Order up with your encouragement and humour, even when you were the ones being guarded.

    “And when Voldemort did come…that was Gryffindor courage all through. I know the whole story now, as much as I think I ever will. We caught Peter last month and he told us that he’d been there.

    “You tried to hold him off, Dad. You were a great wizard, but he’d spent a lifetime studying Dark magic. You never had a chance, and you knew it, but you faced him with your head held high.

    “And Mum – I can’t imagine just standing and waiting for death. You couldn’t even dodge his spells, because you were standing in front of the bed. My bed. You stood there and tried to block the curses and begged for my life – mine, not yours. He offered you a chance to live, and you refused, even though you couldn’t be certain that I would have lived once you fell.

    “But I did, and I’m grateful. I know you both did everything you could for me. Thank you. Not just for me, but all of us, the Order and my friends, pretty much the entire Wizarding world.

    “I’m glad I finally got the chance to tell you this. Mum, Dad – I love you.”

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