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Thread: Marauder's love round robin PART 2

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    My creative juices are a little slow. Band camp just ended today (trust me, it lasts a long time) and I'm tired.

    "Well, it wasn't Snape, it was..." Darla began. Before she could finish, however, Madam Pomfrey came out of her office once more with a bottle of shocking pink potion and a goblet.

    "Ah, Miss Megreen, I thought I heard you," she said. "It appears that you were hit by a very peculiar hex. It appeared to be a combination of a Stunning Spell, the Jelly-Legs Jinx, and one that apparently gives you the symptoms of the flu. The effects of the flu won't show for a while so I need to keep an eye on you."

    Darla slumped against her pillow and looked around as the nurse poured out the potion and handed it to her. She drained the goblet and Madam Pomfrey took them both back to her office and closed the door.

    "So, who's here? Besides you, me, and Sirius?" she asked.

    "Well, we got Lily, Snivellus, and a sixth year Ravenclaw," James told her, pointing out each person. "That girl was brought in not to long after you."

    "Are you definite that Snivellus didn't hex you?" Sirius put in. "This seems like the type of thing he would do."

    Darla shook her head.

    "No, it wasn't him," she asnwered grimly. "I'm not sure what house she was in. I didn't have enough time to see the house badge."

    "A girl did this to you?" he asked in shock. "What year do you think she was?"

    "I don't remember much of her, but I do know that she looked about fifteen and there was something about her that radiated something powerful."

    "I just hope no one else is wandering around," James added darkly. "What if she does something to the prefects on duty tonight?"

    As if on cue, the doors to the ward burst open again. This time, Professor McGonagall entered in a tartan dressing gown and carrying...
    Ooh...who's been hexed now? Is it going to be someone we know or some innocent person? I'm leaving that to whoever gets over here and writes first. *Throws pen to anyone, with a plea to write soon!*

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    As if on cue, the doors to the ward burst open again. This time, Professor McGonagall entered in a tartan dressing gown and carrying a young girl whose blonde hair obscured her face.

    As she laid the girl on a bed, she called for Madame Pomfrey. The girl’s hair fell away from her face to reveal light brown eyes. They were open, but unfocused. For a moment, she lay quietly, but then she screamed, thrashing about as though she were trying to escape.

    The nurse ran into the room and to the girl’s bed. She carefully measured potion, and forced the girl to drink it. Almost instantly, there was silence as she fell into a dreamless sleep. “What happened to her, Minerva?”

    “I have no idea, I found her lying in a corridor, but I thought I saw someone about the height of a fifth year running around a corner. I couldn’t investigate since it was obvious she needed to come here.”

    “Yes,” Pomfrey replied, bending over the first year. “This is a strange curse, whatever it is. I’ve never seen it before.”


    That night, Lily couldn’t sleep. There was something bothering her about the first year girl. She dismissed it as stress over her upcoming N.E.W.T.s and fell into a restless sleep.

    Almost as soon as her mind slipped into oblivion, a figure rose from a bed a little bit away. It walked silently to Lily’s bed, and the delirious eyes beheld a terror no one else could see. Her wand pointing straight at Lily’s heart, she whispered a spell.

    Lily awoke with a start, screaming silently. Her attacker laughed quietly, but unbeknowst to her…
    *cough* I hope you weren't expecting something cheerful.

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    My turn again! I like this twist by the way, it's really good...

    Lily awoke with a start, screaming silently. Her attacker laughed quietly, but unbeknowst to her. As she screamed louder, her throat started to close,like an asthma attack, she was choking, couldn't breathe, need air...

    "Lily! LILY!"


    "Oh yuck! Madam Pomfrey! Lily vomited all over James! A little help neede-Now that's just gross!" Sirius yelled as he watched a vomiting Lily who was covered in sweat vomit over the side of her bed.

    "Oh Miss Evans! The heavens above!" Madam Pomfrey shrieked as she rushed to the poor girl, mopping it all up.

    "Air, need...air..." Lily gasped and James shook her slightly.

    "Lily, It's okay, you're awake, calm down, I'm here, it's okay... it's okay..." He cooed, vanishing the vomit from his pyjamas as he rushed to her other side and held her as Madam Pomfrey rushed off to get potions for her.

    "What happened?"

    "I was asleep... Person looking at me... some spell... couldn't breathe...ugh..." She gasped, trying to take deep breaths.

    "Snape? Was it him?" James asked, giving the cubicle reserved for his enemy the most dirtiest glare.

    "No... Tall girl... black shiny hair..." Lily fell back against her pillows in exaustion and Sirius looked James in the eye.

    "Bellatrix?" James suggested and Sirius shook his head.

    "Regulus." James looked at him funnily.

    "Okay, joking, I have no idea," Sirius said and James sighed and turned to Lily when he heard the doors to the wing bang open to reveal...
    Okay, that was the worst ending ever, wouldn't you agree? I think I just killed it. (*Sulks back in dungeons...*)

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    *pokes head into thread and finds crickets chirping*

    *grins widely and clears out the crickets to get the pen*

    "Okay, joking, I have no idea," Sirius said and James sighed and turned to Lily when he heard the doors to the wing bang open to reveal Professor Dumbledore.

    Immediately, Madam Pomfrey ran out of her office, looking paler than any of the ghosts. When she saw Dumbledore, her color brightened when she noticed his arms were empty.

    "Oh, thank goodness Headmaster," she cried in relief. "For a second I thought you had someone else that was badly hexed."

    "No, no, I merely came to see how serious the situation was," he answered calmly, walking down the ward. "My goodness, six students already?"

    "Heavens, no," Madam Pomfrey told him. "In addition to Mr. Black, Mr. Potter and Mr. Snape had been hexed, by each other no doubt, and Miss Evans is doing better and will help me over the break. The three ladies down the end are the only victims so far."

    "I see," Dumbledore said. "I certainly hope that the culprit will be found soon, I have just put the entire staff on full alert and to make sure all students are in bed. Good night."

    He started walking back up and paused in front of James and Sirius' beds.

    "I rather like the new colors for the hospital wing, it makes a nice change," he said quietly.
    "And tell Miss Evans that the mural is very creative."

    With a small wink, he left. Madam Pomfrey headed for her office once more.

    Before she was halfway to the door, a loud bang sounded from the floor above.
    I don't think I could've left this without a cliffhanger.

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    totally obsessed


    Well, I decided that since no one was responding, I should have posted. But now you have to deal with me....Mwahahahahaha- *starts choking* *clears throat* Okay, I'm better now.

    Before she was halfway to the door, a loud bang sounded from the floor above. Madam Pomfrey spun around, and without a second thought to her patients, ran out the door and presumably to wherever the noise had sounded. Snape was still, thankfully, asleep, but Sirius, James, and Lily all looked at each other. With a shrug of his shoulders, Sirius took out his wand and started yet another doodle on the Snape mural on the wall. After a few minutes, it materialized into three students pointing and laughing at Snape.

    Madam Pomfrey returned just then, with a rather livid look on her face. She was followed by a fellow seventh-year, a Slytherin by the name of Narcissa Black. She and her sister Bellatrix both attended Hogwarts, but Bellatrix was a year younger. Narcissa held her head high, disdainfully looking at all the other occupants of the Hospital Wing. No one could see what was wrong with her until she passed them to walk to another bed, separated from everyone but closest to Snape, a kinsman of sorts. She was also walking in a rather odd fashion.

    This was because she happened to have a cat tail coming from the base of her tailbone.

    James doubled over in laughter as Lily covered her mouth as silent tears streamed down her face. Sirius simply looked on impassively, though James could have sworn a slight smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

    Madam Pomfrey whipped around, pointing her wand in James' face, who recoiled instantly. "I wouldn't laugh if I were you, Mr. Potter! As it so happens, Ms. Black over here was a cat only moments ago, and she was chasing a poor rat down the halls, who just happens to be a transfigured friend of yours!"

    James and Sirius looked at each other, and Lily could see the blood leave their faces. Seconds later, Professor Slughorn waddled in, attempting to support Peter Pettigrew as he limped into the Hospital Wing. He looked at James and Sirius, and seeing their scared faces, said carefully, "It's okay, guys. Everything's under control. It was an accident. They transformed me back alright."

    James and Sirius visibly relaxed, the tension leaving their bodies. So their secret was still safe.

    Later that night, as the patients were preparing for bed, Remus rushed in, out of breath. "Madam Pomfrey!" he panted. "Out....on the grounds....there's a hair, tall...I couldn't see the face, but I think it was a girl...she's hurt, but...I couldn't bring her up here..." As Madam Pomfrey followed Remus out of the Hospital Wing, Lily looked at James and Sirius.

    Could this be the girl who had attacked her?
    Hope everyone likes! *throws up pen before realizing that pen was never caught in the first place* *pen is completely worn out* *quill is now being used* Yay! The pen thing was getting old, so now it's a quill. I told you you didn't want me to write this. Enjoy!

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    I'm not going to write, I don't want to wreck this, but I'll throw the bottle of ink in the air as well (the bottle is plastic, therefore it will not break)

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    *Pokes head into thread and finds it full of crickets again* *Beats out crickets in annoyance* *Picks up quill and puts on Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol*

    Could this be the girl who had attacked her?

    The only noise over the next ten minutes was the occassional spell coming from James and Sirius' wands, and Peter's not to much later, after having settled in a bed next to James'. Apparently finding the wall down the end of the ward full, they started a new "art project" on the ceiling, which was still aqua blue. Upon hearing footsteps outside, the boys put aside their wands and watched the doors.

    When the doors did open, it wasn't Madam Pomfrey, Remus, the mysterious girl with black hair, or anyone else they had seen that night. It was...
    Yes, I know. It's pathetically short by my standards, but I just couldn't think of anything, and this thread needed an update.

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    When the doors did open, it wasn't Madam Pomfrey, Remus, the mysterious girl with black hair, or anyone else they had seen that night. It was... somthing, they couldn't quite make out at first, as the figure slowly stepped out of the darkness off the corrider and into the lighted room, they realized it was a house elf. It's eyes were wide and he had a look of horror on his body. His thin frame, trembled with every step he took into the room, he stopped abruptly in front of James' bed and said, "We feared it would come to this, you are no longer safe here, you all must leave at once, Dumbledore has asked me to evacuate you from Hogwarts, the rest of the school will also be evacuated, come morning." "But, why, what happend?" James asked. Just as the house elf opened his mouth to answer, an earsplitting scream could be heard from outside. They all rushed to the window, where they saw...
    Not my longest or best work ever but it works...


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    S'been a while! Happy to be back though!!

    They all rushed to the window, where they saw a tall figure standing over a crumpled body. Sirius, james and lily cringed as they heard a loud high pitched cackle resonate the grounds.

    "No - It couldn't be," Sirius muttered wide- eyed.

    "It's about to get much worse," James sounded. Lily follwed his finger which wasn't pointing at the grounds, but at the sky.

    Sirius lurched as he looked up at the night sky brightly lit by the full moon. "Oh no! James you have to do something!"

    Lily looked between the boys in confusion, "What's going on?" she asked the room at large.

    James gave Lily a side glance, and swallowed hard. "It's Remus, he's ... uh...

    Just a quick blurb.. hpoe you guys enjoy. **Places the pen on the desk**

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    James gave Lily a side glance, and swallowed hard. "It's Remus, he's... uh....

    He never got a chance to finish. At that moment, they could see Madam Pomfrey running back into the castle as Remus transformed before their eyes. Lily gasped in shock and looked at James.

    "Did you know about this?" she asked him quietly. "And you, Sirius, and Peter?"

    They all nodded in silence and turned back to look out over the grounds.

    They heard Remus howl and then run toward the forest, but the cackling wizard fired red light at him. The werewolf gave a loud whimper as he was thrown back. He lay on the ground, his body still.

    James ran for the door and pulled it open.

    "Where are you going?" Lily asked, a tiny drop of fear ruining the forced calm in her voice.

    "I'm not going to stand idly by while I watch my friend get hurt!" James shouted.

    "Then I'm coming with you," Lily announced, running up and grabbing his hand. "I'm not letting you go alone."

    James looked at her. He wished she would stay in the Hospital Wing while he went to get Remus, but her offering to come when all his other friends were out of commission meant more to him than anything.

    His mind debated for a split second before he said, "Lily, I'd like you to...
    *puts down quill*

    Who wants to go next?

    *retreats to Ravenclaw*

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