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Thread: Marauder's love round robin PART 2

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    totally obsessed
    Yes! The pen must like me or something! Ok, I'm writing now. By the way, I would add myself in as a victim, as Lily_writes suggested, but I wasn't sure if the owner of this thread would be ok with that. Well, anyway, here goes!

    "Oh, I...uh..." Lily stammered. She couldn't think of anything appropriate to say. Surely she couldn't tell Slughorn she'd provoked his seventh year student into hexing James Potter! "Er, Professor, that is, I..." she trailed off.

    James, still sitting right next to her bed, interrupted, saying, "Lily just wasn't feeling well, Professor. You know, stomachache, headache, things like that."

    Slughorn's fleshy face turned down in concern briefly before saying, "Well, have you taken a potion yet?" When Lily nodded, he smiled and added, "Good, good! Can't have my best student missing class, now can I?"

    Lily nodded hesitantly and sank down into her pillows with relief when the Potions professor left the Hospital Wing. "You know, I really dislike that man. He'd be nice enough, I suppose, but he asks after me every time he sees me and I don't really want him to know all about my personal life! Oh, and James," she turned to face him, "thanks for saving me back there."

    James grinned widely, happy to receive the thanks. "No problem, Lily. Anytime." He leaned in to give Lily a kiss, but Sirius interrupted.

    "You're not going to do that again, are you? Because, you know, that door isn't locked and Madam Pomfrey is completely able to just waltz in here."

    James turned to look at Sirius, scowled, and turned back to Lily to give her a kiss, in defiance. However, right then....
    Sorry, I just cannot seem to make my posts long! Ah, well, hopefully that opens up a world of possibilites for the next writer! Catch the lucky pen! *throws up pen, now worn down with use*

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    However, right then, Lily's eyes widened and she quickly pulled away and stared at a bed a distance away. James looked and saw that it was Snape's bed. He was sitting up and beckoning to her with a malicious look on his face. Lily vigorously shook her head and sat down on her own bed.

    Just then, Madame Pomfrey walked in. "Lily, dear, could you help me give Mr. Snape his medicine? It is such a hard thing to do with only one person."

    Lily inwardly groaned and pushed herself off the bed. "Now, he somehow got all these boils, and the only way to cure them is to rub this salve on all of them."

    Lily nearly burst into tears as Madame Pomfrey drew curtains around the bed. James shot daggers in Pomfrey's direction and strutted right up to the curtains. "Knock, knock," he said. Madame Pomfrey opened the curtains only wide enough so that he could see her face. "Yes?"

    James cleared his throat. "Um...yes, Lily isn't feeling to well, and if Snivel...Snape is in there completely undressed, I think that it's a man's job to help. I mean..."

    Realization dawned on Madame Pomfrey's face and she hurredly turned to Severus, who was in a rush to take off all of his clothes in front of Lily, who looked disgusted. "Now, Mr. Snape, keep your knickers on." She laughed at her joke, but suddenly turned serious again. "Lily will not be helping you tonight. James will." Severus looked dumb-struck, Lily looked apologetic, but James looked smug. This should be fun, he whispered to himself....
    *throws the pen back down* There. I said my piece. Continue, please.

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    Okay, my turn!!!! Yes, totallyobsessed, you may all use yoursleves as victims, as I did start this in the first place. It's great to see you join... So sad, everyone keeps ditching us!! Come on guys, let's get this story moving again!!!

    This should be fun, he whispered to himself....

    "What are you smirking at Potter?" Snape snarled as Madam Pomfrey left the cubicle to get him some pyjamas.

    "Oh nothing, just the fact that you seemed a little excited to strip only moments ago for my Lily," James smirked back.

    "Jealous are you?"

    "Keep your hormones to yourself, Snivellius, I never knew you of all people could be so vulgar." James was enjoying seeing Snape's face contort with such rage.

    "We all know why you want Evans,Potter. She's the only girl that hasn't let herself free with Black," Snape spat and he had stuck gold. Big time.

    "Why you little son of a-"

    "Right Severus, Bend over while I apply this creme. Potter, you can put it on his arms, thank-you." Snape was very lucky at this point that she had entered the cubicle, otherwise he could have been a lot worse off.

    As James started applying the creme, he noticed the tub had a warning sign on it: Do not apply more than an inch of creme as it will reverse the effects, hence more boils will appear.
    'Interesting, so interesting...' James thought as he continued to apply the creme, a lot thicker than need be...
    hee hee!! And so the plot shall thicken!! moo hahaha!!!! Ahem, I'm not evil, heh... lol

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    Okay, this is my first time here, so here goes nothing!

    James thought as he continued to apply the creme, a lot thicker than need be...
    "This is just going to be too good," he whispered as he finished applying the cream.
    "What are you saying," asked Snape angrily.
    "Nothing," James replied innocently.
    When James was done with the gruesome task, he placed the tub on the bedside table and left the cubicle. With a mischevious grin on his face, he strode over to where Sirius and Lily were.
    Lily could tell that James did something that was very nasty to Snape while in the cubicle, though she didn`t press the matter. All she said was "Please don`t tell me what I think you just did."
    James simply sat down on a bed and whispered back, "Indeed, Evans, I did something that you believe that I did."
    Just after James finished his sentence, screams erupted from the curtained section.
    Madam Pomfrey dashed out in a frenzy.
    "JAMES POTTER," she roared, "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?"
    Before James could awsner, she had boxed his ear and dragging him back to Snapes bedside to see...
    I kinda admit it, it is a little rough, but it is my first time after all doing a Round Robin.

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    She boxed his ears and dragged him to Snape's bedside to see Snape wailing as hundreds of boils sprang up his arms and shoulders. "I didn't do it ma'am!! I didn't know that would happen!!"

    Madame Pomfrey thought for a moment and nodded her head. "Yes, boy, you're right, I should have told you the warnings. But he needs this salve ALL over again, and I'm going to have Lily do it this time."

    "Oh, my. Only on his arms, though, right?"

    "No, my dear, the side effects take place all over, and I'm very busy at the moment, so Lily and you must do it by yourselves. Lily?"

    Lily came into view looking glum. "You take the bottom half and Potter here will take the top. Other than putting too much cream on, he's pretty good with the arms. I hope you'll be comfortable."

    "But Madame Pomfrey, if Lily's rubbing cream on his..."

    "There there, Mr. Potter. I'm sure Ms. Evans can handle it. Have you forgotten that I am a woman?"

    She sighed and marched to her office. Curtains magically appeared, and Snape stopped wailing at once, giving James a victorious glance and Lily a malicious look. "Oh, stop being so full of yourself," Lily snapped. "You think we're honestly going to listen to Pomfrey?"

    James looked amazed at her new-found talent for rule breaking, and Lily, to Severus' crestfallen look, began rubbing the salve on his arm...with gloves on.

    James sniggered, until he heard Madame Pomfrey coming to check on their progress...

    *tosses pen in air* Have fun, all!!!!
    [/50 character rule]

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    totally obsessed
    Hello, everyone! Sorry if this isn't up to your standards, but my computer deleted it three times before I got it up! Grrr..... *goes and sulks in corner with cowering pen* Here goes:

    James sniggered, until he heard Madame Pomfrey coming to check on their progress... With no time to waste, he hissed to Lily, "Quick! Switch back!" Lily quickly ran to Snape's feet, and James went up to Snape's thin, white arm and began applying anti-boil cream (though not quite as liberally as before).

    "How is everything here?" the nurse asked. She noted that Snape's robe had yet to come off. Instead, the black material had been pushed up to his knees and shoulders.

    "Everything's fine here, Madame Pomfrey," Lily said. "It's just great." She smiled, hoping to convince the nurse to leave more quickly. However, Lily saw Snape open his mouth, probably to assure the Hogwarts nurse that everything was indeed not fine; that Lily and James had swapped positions. Taking a chance, any chance she could get, Lily lightly rubbed her fingers against the bottom of Snape's bare foot. Startled, Snape jumped, though Madame Pomfrey somehow managed not to notice. Rather, she was staring at the wall opposite, having finally noticed the large mural. Meanwhile, despite being extremely ticklish, Snape was much too dignified (at least in his mind, anyway) to burst out laughing, so he held the air in, and, in turn, was unable to inform the nurse of what Lily and James had been doing.

    Turning back to her patients, and not seeing anything out of the ordinary, Madame Pomfrey began walking away. Right before she was out of earshot, however, she turned back and stated simply, "Mr. Potter, if you insist on practicing your artistic license in here during your spare time, please take the time to credit your work."

    Grinning, James raised his wand and muttered a quick spell. A few seconds later, the words The Marauders and Lily Evans were added to the masterpiece. Smiling, he questioned, "I think it needs a title, don't you?" Turning to ask Lily her opinion, he found her in an argument with Snape, who seemed to be losing.

    "You'll pay for that, Evans. I swear you'll pay."

    Lily only raised a single eyebrow skeptically. "In case you haven't noticed, Snivellus, you're bedridden and I hold the only cure in my hands. So what can you do?"

    Flustered, Snape stuttered, "I'll...I'll..."
    Well, that's it! Hope you enjoy! *throws pen up* *pen squeals happily to be away from brutal author* *author attempts to grab pen to thoroughly scold it* *author can't jump high enough* *author is too impatient to wait for the pen to fall back down and stomps off* *pen squeels again and urges other authors not to put the most recent author in the insane asylum, no matter how much they want to* [/sugar high] Thanks for sticking through this!

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    **pokes head in to see if anyone is throwing pies for lack of participation** **quickly grabs hold of the pen and gives it a scolding for being so utterly rude and disrespectful to such a talented and high class author**

    Lily only raised a single eyebrow skeptically. "In case you haven't noticed, Snivellus, you're bedridden and I hold the only cure in my hands. So what can you do?"

    Flustered, Snape stuttered, "I'll...I'll..."

    “Cool it, there’s nothing you can or will do to her. So save your breath and spare as the drama,” budded in James with little to no expression in his voice.

    Lily let out a low scowl that surprised James, he had after all been the target of Lily’s disgust for 7 years, and never before had he seen her filled with so much hatred.

    “Bugger this,” muttered Lily pulling her wand out of her pocket, and with a silent wave she conducted the cream from the jar and onto Snape’s torso.

    At the site of James’s handsome smile Severus sneered, “it’s better this way, you can keep your mudblood hands off me.”

    And before you could say Avada Kedavra, James’s hands were around Snape’s throat.
    “If I you ever say that again I promise it will be your last words,” James hissed.

    The momentary shock of being strangled had warn off, and Severus snapped back to his senses and he slowly pulled his wand out of his pocket.

    There was a scream as Lily dived in front of James to knock away Snape’s arm, and it was shortly followed by an even louder scream coming from the target of the wand behind the curtain.

    James gasped, “Sirius!”
    **Sets pen down on pen slowly deciding that it's fially time to give up on this segment**

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    *Pokes head in thread to check on things* *Sees pen lying on table and takes it* Ooh, this is too good to pass over. Lily_writes strikes again!

    There was a scream as Lily dived in front of James to knock away Snape’s arm, and it was shortly followed by an even louder scream coming from the target of the wand behind the curtain.

    James gasped, “Sirius!”

    Lily and James threw open the curtain and ran out and found Sirius' bed empty. He had fallen to the floor and was doubled over. At the sudden burst of noise, Madam Pomfrey came dashing out of her office.

    "I leave you all alone for two seconds and you start hexing each other?" Madam Pomfrey scolded. "I thought you boys would've grown up by now, but no, you insist on making this place a zoo!"

    She walked over to Sirius and lifted him up. She helped him back into bed and looked him over as Lily and James looked on anxiously.

    The spell Snape had fired off and intended to hit James with, made Sirius look like he had just been in a boxing match and lost. There was a black and blue ring around one eye, his chest was bruised all over, and his nose was broken and bleeding all over his nightshirt. Madam Pomfrey fixed the wounds as best she could, before turning on James, Lily, and Snape. Snape, who had paused to watch the pandemonium, just realised his wand was still out. Unfortunately, the nurse saw him as he tried to place his wand back on the bedside table.

    "Mr. Snape, are you trying to kill Mr. Black?" Madam Pomfrey asked in exasperation. "I don't know what would possess you to attack a student who has already been hexed within an inch of his life. Give me your wand, now."

    Shooting James malevolent glares, Snape handed his wand to the nurse.

    "I'm sorry, I know you haven't done anything, but just as a precaution, I'm going to need all your wands. Mr. Potter could you get me yours and Mr. Black's, Miss Evans, kindly fetch yours, Miss Megreen's and Miss Thomas' wands over there too," Madam Pomfrey instructed them.

    Resignedly, Lily and James collected the wands and handed them to her. Then they watched her go back into her office.
    Cheery little passage, isn't it? [/sarcasm] Who's next? *Sets pen back down and walks out of thread*

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    "Great, now what?" James glared at Severus before marching back to his bed, next to Lily. Lily groaned.

    "I'm going to die in here. I'm going to leave. There's nothing dramatically wrong with me, anyways." She strutted right up the beds, purposely swinging her hips next to Snape's bed. He groaned. She walked up to Pomfrey's office and gave a sharp tap.

    James nervously glanced at Lily's retreating back as she walked into the office. He turned to Sirius. "We're in trouble. I overheard Pomfrey saying that we're having break soon, and we're all caught up on schoolwork, but we'll be spending it here. And Pomfrey wants Lily as an assistant over break!!"

    Just then Lily, who had obviously been crying, literally crawled back to her bed. She threw everybody except for Severus his wand. "Okay, Madame Pomfrey says that we can have our wands, but Snape can't. She's decided he has done the most hexing and the rest of us are of good intent. But she made me promise to stay as her helper over break."

    James heard a moan from Snape's bed and sniggered. "Not so tough now, are you?"

    To his great surprise, Severus stood up and walked to Lily's bedside. "I will have you eventually, my delicate flower." She raised her wand at him and he flew gracefully back onto his bed. She quickly cast a silencing charm on him.

    She marched to Sirius' bedside and quickly healed his bruises. She pushed his bangs to one side and kissed his forehead. James looked aghast. "What about me?!"

    "You weren't the poor puppy that got hurt!"

    Sirius was in a daze. He touched where she had kissed him. "I just got kissed by Lily Evans," he said dreamily. James pouted, and she gave in.

    She slowly walked to his bed, swinging her hips. "I love you," she whispered in his ear, placing a kiss on his lips.
    *throws pen up* This is getting good!!! This is really fun!!!!

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    *jumps and catches the pen* *coughs like mad for several minutes because of stupid damn flu* Yes, lucky lucky me caught a really bad bout of the flu after finishing my school musical and I've been stuck at home for 2 days straight now...

    She slowly walked to his bed, swinging her hips. "I love you," she whispered in his ear, placing a kiss on his lips.

    "I never thought I'd hear the day," he whispered back after he returned the kiss, and she slipped back into her bed.

    "This so sucks. I hate being sick," Sirius whined and James rolled his eyes.

    "Don't be such a baby, it's not that bad," James replied, only half listening as his thoughts started to trail off to Lily again...

    "You're not the one who nearly had his insides spill out, are you?"

    "Gee, you're just the little ray of sunshine, aren't you, Black?" A girl's voice said.


    "No, it's the great and powerful Merlin, who else?" She replied as she slowly sat up in her bed. She was terribly pale, but otherwise not too sickly.

    "What did Snivillus do?" James asked, sitting back up. Obviously Lily was asleep.

    "Well, it wasn't Snape, it was..."
    DUN DUN DUN!!!!! The plot thickens!.... Okay, I really suck at cliff hangers, so I'm going to go back to the couch and lie down again I think...

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