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Thread: Marauder's love round robin PART 2

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    Marauder's love round robin PART 2

    Hello to all again!!!!

    As we know, the first part of this round robin was a huge success (yay!!!!) as since it got so busy inside there, I started up "Part 2" so that new comers can join us.

    I want to say thank-you to all the faithfull writers in the round robin so far:

    ms weasley
    And of course, me!!
    So, the plot so far for those who are joining our little note book/ coffee table/etc:
    Lily was walking to the common room and James called out to her. He gave her her diary and she thought he had seen it, so they argued over what Sirius had told him was written in it. She left and went to her dorm.

    Her freind, Darla Megreen, found her in the room and Darla hatched an almost flawless revenge plan to stop him from liking her; She had to go to Hogsmaede with him, making him think she was sorry for everything, and then humiliate him in the Great Hall later. Lily was hesitant, but she finally agreed.

    As Lily runs off to ask James, Darla goes and speaks to Remus; they were the masterminds really of the plan. Remus had more of the idea that Lily would fall for James on their "date", but Darla had different intentions, obviously, to keep Lily happy.

    James obviously agrees, and so the date goes through. James takes Lily to the shrieking shack on the way and she doesn't want to go there, and blows her cover by accident by calling him "Potter." He puts two and two together and figures out what happened and is very hurt. She begs for forgivesness (and hates it as well) and he asks her to go into the shrieking shack with him, so reluctantly she agrees.

    As they walk inside it, they hear a noise, and both pull out their wands and Sirius jumps from behind a couch and scares them out of their wits. As James and Lily threaten to hex him back so badly, greasy slimeball Snivullus enters, and after a small argument between Sirius and Snape, Snape throws "Sectumsempra!" at Sirius, and the coward that he is, leaves.

    Lily and James Haul Sirius through the Womping willow exit to the castle. They take him to the hospital wing and Fawkes heals Sirius's wounds, and Lily starts to cry as she feels guilty on going on the date with James because Sirius followed them. As Sirius wakes up, the other Maruaders join them, followed shortly by Darla. As Madam Pomfrey tries to shoo them all away (*gees, sounds like I'm trying to get rid of crows! lol*) and when Lily sees James's face, she pretends to cry, saying that she feels so bad about it all, hence she and James stay.

    As the boys get bored, they coax Lily into changing the roof and walls of the Hospital wing different colours. James tells he she owe's him still, and asks her out in a round-about way, and she replies that she already is and leads James away.

    As she leads him to the room of requirement, the ever annoying slimeball Snape appears again. He takes Lily into the room instead. He asks her to ditch James ofr him, as he figured out that Lily and James were dating, and she tells him no and leaves.

    As they get back to the Hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey gives the two the calming potion, which they vanish as they don't need it. They, along with Sirius, start firing colours at the wall until Lily gets up and draws a piucture of Snape, and James adds devil horns and a tail for enjoyment. As Madam Pomfrey sees it, she gives them a stronger potion to drink. Sirius distracts the nurse by making himself vomit, and they vanish the potion away.

    Moony, Wormtail and Darla come to see the three, and after they left, James and Lily shared what would be a very nice kiss/kisses. After that, James shows her his stag form and takes her for a walk/trot/ride in the grounds and they kiss again outside, but are both stunned by snivillus again.(*Anyone know a good counsellor we could recommed to him?*)

    It turns out that Snape also hit James with a charm so he has no idea who anyone is, sort of like a memory charm. As she is released from the hospital wing, Snape takes her to the room of requirement to sort out "business." He kisses her, she pulls away, pretending that she wants to take things slow. As he tells her about his plan to break the news to James, he figures she is playing along and as he tries to take her as some sort of hostage, she breaks free, slaps him and runs to James's bedside in the Hospital wing, but he hasn't had the potion and has no idea who she is still.

    Slughorn enters with the nurse, and tells Lily the potion is almost ready, and she is made to go back to class. Of course, slimeball Snape is waiting for her and she decides to play along as revenge. She tells him she will go with him to the Halloween ball (which was the next day) and they could break it to James then.

    At the ball, Snape and Lily dance (*poor girl, having to dance with it*) and James comes marching in. Lily turns to Snape and says (*I quote here*) "Sorry babe, I'm taken." and as normal people have it, James and Lily danced for the rest of the night.

    The next night, James asks Lily about everything and she tells him exactly what happened and not to worry. As she goes away to the Astronomy tower, he follows, and they kiss up there until Snape (AGAIN!!!!!) interupts and in the end both boys end up again in the hospital wing. As Sirius and Lily talk, James wakes up and they find that someone had attacked Darla as she was brought in...
    So, that's where the story is being lifted off. Now, I am going to post again in the thread in a moment, and I am going to quote the last few parts so everyone can get a feel again.

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    Okay, here's what's happened in the last few posts:

    By Lily_writes:
    James frowned and apologized by kissing her. With a flick of his wand, music swayed in the breeze, and they danced, until they were interrupted by Snape's curse.

    "Expelliarmus!" he shouted.

    James was thrown back and collided with the ramparts as his wand flew in Lily's direction. His head hit the edge and flopped down onto his shoulder. She ran over to him and felt a lump growing where his head had been hit.

    "I wish you would stop running away from me, my delicate, little flower," Snape whispered coming up next to her.

    Lily turned on him, feeling a rage more powerful than she had ever felt before. Snape took a step back, as if sensing her anger.

    "Get out of here," she ordered in a deadly hiss.

    Snape ignored her, and took a step forward and placed a hand lightly on her shoulder. Her temper flared, and before she knew what she was doing, she wrenched out her wand.

    "STUPEFY!" she screamed.

    Her spell forced him backwards and lifted him off his feet. Snape flew through the open doorway and with heard him tumble down the stairs. Feeling satsfied, Lily looked back at James. Lily raised her wand once more and muttered, "Ennervate." He looked up at her.

    "What happened?" he asked groggily.

    "Snivellus hexed you, and I Stunned him," Lily explained. "The way your heads looking, I'd best haul you back to the Hospital Wing."

    She picked up James' invisibilty cloak and threw it over one arm, as she offered him her other hand and pulled him up, bringing his arm over her shoulder. When they were at the bottom of the stairs, Snape was lying a few feet away. He looked pretty beat up. His legs were pointing out at odd angles, and a tiny trickle of blood was forming a tiny pool below his nose. Lily's lips thinned, then she looked at James.

    "Should we bring him? After all he's done to us in the past two days?" she inquired.

    James looked at his rival, lying on the floor. Then he made his decision.

    "I guess we should," he answered. Lily looked at him incredulously. "We should because what if we do? Someone could find him and ask him who did this. He'll accuse one of us in an attempt to get you."

    "Fine, we'll take him," Lily conceeded. "But I'm not touching him."

    James pulled out his wand with his free hand and said, "Mobilicorpus."

    Snape's body rose from the ground and floated in front of them, as they walked down to the Hospital Wing in silence.


    "I knew you missed me!" Sirius exclaimed as Lily and James trudged in, the latter moving Snape forward.

    "Yes, Padfoot, I left, and Snivellus here made sure I came back," he commented.

    "Should we wake Madam Pomfrey?" Lily asked. "Or just slide these two into bed?"

    "Just put them in bed," Sirius said. "She's coming back in here to make me drink some more of that foul potion."

    James gave his wand a little wave and Snape landed on a bed at the end of the ward. Lily brought James over to the empty one next to Sirius and helped him in. As she glanced down to the end of the ward, she got an idea. She got out her wand again and whispered, "Furnunculus." The hex hit it's mark, but the victim, who was still unconcious, made no noise. The two Marauders looked at her, their mouths agape.

    "Well, I'd better go," she announced, pretending nothing had happened. "Unless you want me to stay, then I'll be forced to hex myself."

    "I think you..."
    By me (babekitty_92):
    "I think you should stop being so rebellious. You're taking my sopt in James' life!" Sirius exclaimed, pouting his lips.

    "Eew, please let that just be wrong use of words," Lily stated as she kissed James and left.

    "So, did you kiss her?" Sirius asked and James grinned.

    "Oh yeah. And she's mine, so bugger off," James warned playfully as he looked up at the colourful ceiling. They really were artists if you thought about it.

    "Mr. Potter! What are you doing here again?" Madam Pomfrey spluttered as she bustled into the wing, a potion for Sirius in one hand.

    "Him." He pointed to Snape and she sighed deeply.

    "You two really need to stop trying to take revenge on each other, I'll run out of supplies soon!" She muttered as she looked at the lump on his head.

    "He started it. First my best mate, then he goes after my girl, what next?"

    "Your girlfriend's best friend, perhaps?" Sirius suggested and James turned to see Professor Sprout levitating Darla onto a bed.

    "Fan-bloody-tastic. More hell," James replied bitterly.
    And by lily_16_evans:
    "Fan-bloody-tastic. More hell," James replied bitterly.

    Darla lay unconscious on the bed with her eyes closed and fists clenched. The only sign of life was her heavy breathing – it was as though she had only moments ago been on a long run.

    Sirius tried to lean closer to the bed that Madame Pomfrey was now attending to, only causing himself more pain.

    “We really need to create something to hear conversations from afar,” grumbled Sirius as he kneaded his side to get the pain to go away.

    “Shh!” James waved a hand impatiently trying to shut his friend up. He was straining his ears to eavesdrop on what Prof. Sprout was telling Madame Pomfrey.

    “I found her up in the….”
    Okay, that was the last post, so now who ever catches the pen, writes the next part. For those new comers, what we do is you type/paste the last sentence the last writer wrote into your part and put it in bold, then the rest is just normal. If you are finishing a sentence, the part you write is not in bold. Please quote your part as well.

    I know that I am being picky and all, but it makes it so much eaiser to see it all. If no one understands what I mean (I don't blame you either) then go and see the first thread, and you'll see what we've done. Enjoy!!

    *Throws the pen into the crowd of screaming writers*

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    totally obsessed
    Yeah! I caught the pen! Sorry, this is my first post, and I read the entire thing in one night just so I could post the next part.

    "I found her up in the seventh floor corridor. I have absolutely no idea what happened, but it looks like a simple Stunning Spell." James shot a look at Sirius, but as Sirius didn't know that James and Lily were at the Astronomy Tower when Snape had caught up with them, he also couldn't possibly know that Snape could very well have passed the seventh floor.

    Professor Sprout left after a few more whispered words to Madam Pomfrey, and James and Sirius started a conversation in low voices.

    "Hey, Prongs, what happened? You know, with Lily and Snape and all?"

    James looked around, making sure no one was listening, and said, "Lily and I were in the Astronomy Tower and Snape came and interrupted. He probably cursed her, on his way up there."

    Sirius nodded. "Okay. Well, there's not much more we can do now, is there?"

    James shook his head. "No, we'll just have to...
    Sorry it's so short, but I'm still getting used to the story.

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    Nobody was responding!! And even though I was the last to write before this one, I really want this story to continue!!! so here goes...

    James shook his head. "No, we'll just have to kill the greasy git!” As soon as James sat up he felt as though hammers were pounding his head. His hand instinctively reached up to hold his head steady as he lay back down on the infirmary bed.

    “Guess you’re not up to killing Severus just now, huh?” chuckled Sirius. James turned his head to face Sirius and gave him a glaring death stare. But, before he had time to respond with a witty comment the infirmary doors had been swung open once again.

    “Albus!” Madame Pomfrey said in a surprised whisper.

    “Poppy, I need to place another child in your care.” From behind Prof. Dumbledore, Lily slowly emerged breathing heavily.

    “Again?” Poppy asked in surprise.

    “It would seem so, she needs a good claming draught, and a sleeping potion to get her through the night.” And with that, he swung around and closed the door behind him.

    “Miss Evans, please come with me, you can lay here close to my office.” Madame Pomfrey bustled to the end of the ward, to the farthest bed from Snape’s. But, Lily had stopped at the foot of James bed, and when Mdm.Pomfrey looked over she sat down on the bed across from his.

    “Oh, very well!” she said breathlessly, though she couldn’t help but let a small smile escape her. She bustled into her storage area to get the potions needed for Lily.

    All the while, James had been close to a nervous collapse. When Lily had stood at the foot of his bed, she had not even looked at him, let alone said anything. As she lay down on the bed opposite his with her head propped up with cushions awaiting her medication, her eyes finally met his. When they’re eyes locked he noticed a single tear trickle down her face. He wanted to jump up and save her from her tears, but the thumping in his head and the return of Mdm. Pomfrey would not let him.

    Lily took all that was given to her, and before letting her hit the pillow she looked over at James and whispered, “I’m sorry.”
    Sirius looked over at James to see that he was just as flabbergasted as he was.

    “What was that all about?” Sirius asked.

    “I don’t know. But I feel somehow it’s….
    Slams pen down on the desk in frustration.

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    “I don’t know. But I feel somehow it’s not going to be something I like," James replied as Madame Pomfrey came to give Sirius more potions.

    "Stop talking and get some rest, both of you." She went to her office and checked to make sure they were both laying down before she dissapeared inside. Sirius was asleep in a few minutes, but James had a much harder time. He kept glancing at Lily and wondering what had happened to her. Finally, he fell into a restless sleep.

    James woke up in the morning to see Lily eating the food Madame Pomfrey had given her. She met his eyes briefly and looked away, but not before he saw the guilt that stood out on her face.

    When it was clear that Lily wouldn't eat any more, Madame Pomfrey came out of her office and took the rest away. "Are you ready for breakfast too?" she asked him.

    James shook his head. "Not yet." She left the two of them alone while she checked on Snape, who was still unconcious. "Lily what happened?" he said softly.

    She blinked back the tears that threatened to fall and whispered, "James, I'm sorry. I...
    I hope that's okay. It's the first time I've done something like this.

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    hee hee! My turn!! ha ha, what shall happen? I don't know come to think of it......mmmm..... time for impromtu

    She blinked back the tears that threatened to fall and whispered, "James, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have provoked him. Maybe we should just not-"

    "Are you going to break up with me over some slimy grease ball who is jealous? If he can't get over his problems, that not my business," James said coldly.

    "Well you didn't get over me in a hurry now, did you?" She snapped cooly, and she turned away from him. Girls and their emotions, he thought.

    "M-m-madam Pomfrey, what happened to D-Darla last night?" Sirius stammered through his yawns as she tended to him.

    "Never you mind Mister. I don't need you back in here again because you went and got revenge for her. It's bad enough that you sustained a curse with such dark magic like that, let alone another curse like that," She lecutured as she pushed a goblet of potion into his hands before walking off to Darla's bed. Sirius rolled his eyes.

    "So, why were you two arguing just then, huh?" Sirius asked queitly, turning to James.

    "Nothing, don't worry." James tried to brush off the subject, but Sirius wasn't giving up just yet.

    "Bull. if it was nothing she wouldn't have sounded so cold," Sirius stated and as James went to reply he was interuppted by...
    Dun Dun DUN!! Oooh, suspense. So dramatic and all. Lol

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    I'm back, and I'm ready to write! *Takes up the pen once more* I've been meaning to post here for quite a while.

    "Bull. If it was nothing she wouldn't have sounded so cold," Sirius stated and as James went to reply he was interrupted by Remus and Peter bursting into the Hospital Wing just as Madam Pomfrey headed into her office.

    They ran up to James and Sirius' beds, both looking concerned.

    "Do you know where Darla went?" Peter asked. "One of her and Lily's dormmates said neither of them showed up last night. We figured you did something to land yourself back here with Lily."

    "We know where she is, just not what happened to her," Sirius answered darkly. "All we know is that Sprout found her in the seventh floor corridor and that we should really make something to help eavesdrop on conversations."

    The two Marauders looked around the Hospital Wing and saw Darla lying in a bed next to Lily who was determinedly looking anywhere but at James, Snape, and the painting on the wall that Madam Pomfrey had somehow still not noticed.

    "What's up with Lily?" Remus inquired, now frowning.

    "I dunno," James replied with a shrug. "All I did was ask her if she was going to break up with me because of Snivelly's jealousy, and then I said it's not my problem if he can't get over his feelings for her. Then she got all offended and said that I didn't get over her in a hurry. What's up with that?"

    "She meant that you didn't get over your feelings for her every time she turned you down and Snivellus is probably the same way. He just won't take no for an answer," Remus explained slowly. "I mean, how many times has he tried to pull you and Lily apart since she agreed to go to Hogsmeade with you about two or three days ago?"

    "Moony's got a point mate," Sirius chipped in. "You've been trying to ask her out since, I dunno, fourth year? And that was before second or third year when you kept saying that you liked her."

    James heaved a sigh. He knew his friends were right. To buy himself thinking time, he looked down at the painting on the far end of the ward. He picked up his wand and traced some lines at the massive mural of the Snape devil. When he put it back on the bedside table a couple minutes later, there was a long, pink feather boa draped around the neck and a witch's hat with butterflies flying around his head. Apparently satisfied, he tore his gaze from it and looked at Lily who quickly averted her gaze to the painting.

    James climbed off his bed and walked across to Lily's and sat down at the foot of her bed. She still refused to look at him. James took a deep breath, knowing that this wasn't going to be easy.

    "Lily, I just wanted to say..."
    Now I'm really back! Who's next? *Tosses pen into the air and hopes it won't take 3 days for the next installment*

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    First post for me! *is so proud of herself* *trips over something* *I'm OKAY!*

    "Lily, I just wanted to say... I love you Evans and not even" Here James paused biting his tounge against a word that he didn't want to say. He finally grimaced and muttered, "Severus is gonna change that," Lily smiled a genuine smile and grabbed his tie, pulling him into a kiss.

    "I was hoping you'd say something along those lines," she said when they finally paused for breath, "My little marauder is all grown up!" She said with mock tears, "He's ables to say," here she paused before making a similar grimace to one James had made only moments before, "Snivellus's name with an almost straight face."

    James gave her a dirty look before the tie was in Lily's hands and she was pulling him into another long kiss.

    Down the hall...

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    totally obsessed

    me next!

    Yay! I caught the pen! *drops pen* *stumbles to catch it back up* NO! No, I tell you! It's mine, mine, all mine!!!!! Hee hee. Sorry [/sugar high]

    Down the hall, Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was conversing with his fellow professor, Minerva McGonagall.

    "Really, Albus, something must be done about all these attacks between the students. It was all very well when it was harmless and a detention would suffice as punishment, but this is getting out of hand."

    Dumbledore smiled benignly at the Transfiguration teacher. "I happen to be in perfect agreement with you, Minerva. What did you have in mind?"

    McGonagall opened her mouth to respond when she was interrupted by a very harried Horace Slughorn, bustling past them in his urgency to be somewhere. He bumped into McGonagall in his rush, and turned to apologize.

    "So sorry...oh, it's you, Minerva. And you, Albus. I must say, I have a complaint. These students are much too rowdy. Look at this. I found another in the halls just minutes ago. It really is out of hand."

    The Potions professor hurried on, an unconscious student in his wake. Professor McGonagall only got a glimpse of the student's face, as the head was turned the other way, and thus she couldn't identify the teenager.

    "See, Albus? This is what I meant. Something must be done."

    "And so I ask again, Minerva: what did you have in mind?"

    McGonagall's lips pursed as she thought how to phrase her idea. "Well, I suggest that..."
    Hope everyone enjoys! Sorry, I couldn't resist making someone else carry the heavy part. *throws pen up in air* Somebody catch it!

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    *catches pen again* I don't mind, no one else shows up very often anymore.

    McGonagall's lips pursed as she thought how to phrase her idea. "Well, I suggest that we have a lock down of the entire school. No student would leave their house unattended. The teachers could interrogate the students individually, ask them if they've seen anything suspicious."

    "An excellent idea Minerva," Dumbledore said calmly. "But how do we get them all into their houses? What if some are in the Hospital Wing?"

    "The people in the Hospital Wing can stay there," McGonagall answered. "We'll just make post signs in the common rooms telling the students to stay in their houses. The house elves could deliver the food to the houses. For now, the teachers that are awake can search for students out of bed and escort anyone they find back to their house."

    "That sounds well-planned Minerva," Dumbledore told her. "How long have you had this planned?"

    "That's beside the point Albus," McGonagall replied. "Now I'm going to look around seventh floor."

    She walked off, leaving Dumbledore behind. As soon as she had turned the corner and disappeared from sight, he chuckled and headed in the other direction.


    Lily, Sirius, and James were just saying goodnight to Remus and Peter when the doors to the Hospital Wing flew open, and Professor Slughorn entered the Hospital Wing carrying a sixth year Ravenclaw with long brown-blonde hair they didn't really know. He knocked on Madam Pomfrey's office door and she came out in a dressing gown.

    "Another one, Horace?" the nurse cried in exasperation.

    "Yes, I'm afraid so," Slughorn answered heavily. "Where should I put her?"

    "Put her down on an empty bed," Madam Pomfrey told him.

    As Slughorn set her down, Dumbledore walked in.

    "Albus, what brings you here?" Madam Pomfrey asked in surprise. "Surely not another attack."

    "No, no," Dumbledore assured her. "Just to tell you that the school will be having a lock down. No one will be allowed to leave without a teacher escort tomorrow. I decided to comme here and see if there were any late guests."

    He spotted Remus and Peter who were standing between James and Sirius' beds.

    "Ah, Mr Pettigrew and Mr. Lupin, I assume you will need an escort back to Gryffindor Tower," he announced.

    Peter and Remus looked at each other before nodding. Dumbledore opened the doors and led them out after they bade their friends good bye.

    The doors shut and Madam Pomfrey went to examine the girl Slughorn had set down. Slughorn had just spotted the unconsious Snape, but abandoned him for Lily when he noticed she was awake.

    "Lily! What are you doing here?" he asked her, looking surprised.

    "Oh, I...uh..."
    Sorry it was so long, I got carried away. Again. Random Idea: Maybe we could start inserting ourselves as victims of this attacker...just a thought....

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