Characters involved: Harry Potter, The Weasley Twins, Lee Jorden and Flure
Mood of plot bunny: Action/Adventure, Comedy and Romance.
Plot line: Harry is brought up in Medieval England and trained to be a knight. He returns to Hogwarts never having earned his spurs and joins teams with the Weasley Twins and Lee to compete in the Triwizard Tourniment and earn them. Once he names himself a knight, he heads off with his gang of "squires" to search and distroy Horcruxes... Medieval style.

Other details: Oh, I had a title that I was going to use, which was Gentleman of Gold. (Them being Gryffendores and "of Old" as in Medieval.) Do NOT feel like you need to use this title if you decide to adopt the bunny, it is just an idea I thought I'd pop in here. Seriously, if you want the bunny, but not everything I wrote, feel free to change it as much as you like. I still want to read it, so PLEASE still PM me.

Okay, this is something I really wanted to write and did a fair bit of research on, alas I just don't seem to be able to write it. So here this little plot bunny is, up and ready for adoption if anyone is looking for a challange... A quick warning; it is a little bit complicated

This is a Romance, a Comedy and an Action story rolled into one. (The pairing is Harry/Fluer, but it's only a side thing so the pairing really can be anything you like.)

1. The spell Lilly Potter puts on Harry to protect him from Voldermort is intended to send him to a relative of her blood.

2. In the time of the founders a woman, the wife of the main vassle to Lord Godric Gryffendor loses her first born child. She has been told she can have no other. Desperate she seeks the help of a hag to bring her child back to life, or to find her one to replace the child before her husband finds out.

A vassle is a Lord under Godric who owns land and serfs that work on that land, and pays a tax to his Lord, Godric, and his first born son will become a knight to serve Godric. The founders are the four Lords/Ladies of the British Wizarding World. The country is split into four, naturally each Lord/Lady has numerous vassles below them, which in turn have vassels below them.

3. The hag agrees to give the woman a child. She uses the womans blood and Harry is the child that appears. (the Woman may be named Potter, or Prevell (sp?) as that would explain the blood connection.) In return the Hag requests the womans beauty. The woman, naturally a kind hearted woman gives her beauty willingly, not understanding that beauty is not skin deep. (This is my theory on how hags were made)

4. Harry grows up in the castle with his mother and father up until the age of seven. During this time his mother deteriorates. Her beauty fades and her mind rots. She has only hatred now and is slowly become a hag. (the hag, on the other hand, is returning to the woman she was.) Harry is forever ignorant of what his mother gave, and does not understand why she hates him, nor why in her crazy raves she curses the devil child. etc.

5. Seven is the age that a child is given to their Lord to become a page and so Harry is sent to the court of Godric with other boys his age who are of equal standing. (the children below Harry's father would go to Harry's father, and those below them, would go to the next up, etc)

6. When he turns 11 he goes to Hogwarts and enters the house of Gryffendor. At this point it is mostly stable between the houses. Muggleborns do attend Hogwarts and are sorted using the sorting hat, which was created for that purpose. Muggleborns, however, have no chance to be knights, like Harry does. They are beneath him, and although he does not scorn them, he just does not deem them worthy of his notice.

7. After fifth year Harry leaves Hogwarts to become a squire to a knight of Gryffendor. He trains with his knight etc. At this point Slytherin and Gryffendor are arguing and their knights often go to battles over trivial issues. (During these times Lords often fought one another.) Harry goes to a couple of battles between the two houses. It is during Harry's sixth year that they have a major battle, one which Ravenclaw, and maybe Hufflepuff join as Salazar uses dark forces, such as hags to fight.

(I imagined the battles bloody and brutal. The wizards in the air on the flying horses, (differant breeds for differant houses) and on the ground the differant magical beings that are on the grounds of each Lord. Giants, Trolls, Goblins, Centaurs...)

During this battle Harry is attacted by a Hag that chants a sort of spell. The spell is designed to send him back to the time he came from. It is roughly done, but it works. Harry is sent back to the modern day wizarding world. (Harry would later find out that the hag was his mother, and throughout the story the facts come out...)

One thing that I really wanted differeant in this story compared to other founders stories was that the founders did not know that Harry was from the future, or was the chosen one. He was just another, abit talented, knight.


Now, the time I thought Harry should come back was during the Triwizard cup at the Quidittch world chaptionship. While everyone is watching. So he wakes up in the feild full of tents, alone.

I then figured he could stumble upon the Weasley Twins, and befriend them. (he would be the same age.) I had visions of the Weasley Twins mocking him, talking like him and such.

One of the main points is that Harry never became a knight. He never earned his spurs. And so he goes to Hogwarts and enters the Triwizard Cup.

He falls in love with Fluer, dispite the fact that Fluer wants nothing to do with the vulgar, rather odd Harry Potter. (think medieval)

I had visions of Harry, Fred, George and Lee becoming good friends, with Harry often referring to them as below him, and as his squires, dispite the fact that he is not yet a knight.

Sixth year would perhaps be a the four of them going on a "quest" to find the Horcruxes. Thus defeating Voldermort.

The romantic pairing I imagined was eventually Fluer/Harry.

I know this is a VERY long plot bunny with a lot of distinct facts, but don't think you have to actually follow it. This is the full idea that I had, you could copy this, or change it around so that Harry comes back to Hogwarts the same age as Ron and Hermione, (although it won't have Fred and George prancing around with him saying "Thou art naught but a cowedly swine! A pox upon you and your kin!"

It would take a very dedicated person to take this on, and someone not afraid of research because seriously, I did a lot and there are A LOT of holes. I think the hardest to do is the speech. So, does anyone want my little bunny?