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Thread: Hufflepuffs Fly into the Pitch!

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    98 words! You are all fantabulous!!!! I hope you are proud of yourself.

    “What?” Emma asked, watching her friend closely.

    “Nothing, it’s just… Have you seen those Eagles? They look sulkier than an unemployed house-elf. I thought Christof was about to cry, when our victory was announced.”

    “That’s nothing to the referee – he looked shocked out of his socks!”

    The team continued in this fashion, until a creak announced the arrival of the captain. Alice was still dizzy from her fall, and was being pushed around in a wheelchair by Angelina. She looked earnestly at the girls before her.

    “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all were fabulous!”

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    What a fantastic match we've played here.

    The girls smiled proudly.

    “Don’t forget yourself, Alice,” Maud said, raising a glass to their captain. “You did an awful lot for our victory as well. All the training and actual scoring in the match.”

    “Not to forget that you went to the Ministry to force them to let us participate in the competition for the League,” Emma added.

    Everyone nodded.

    Alice smiled kindly. “Thanks.” She raised her glass. The other girls mimicked her.



    The next day the Harpies were practising again. Encouraged by their last victory, they flew with much more enthusiasm than ever before.
    97 words.

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    So close! I'm proud to wrap this baby up! (Admittedly with the help of Bine )

    After all, they still had lots of matches to win before they would be part of the League.


    Fifteen matches and three months later, the Holyhead Harpies had done what many had dreamed of: they had got a place in the League. With their incredible flying, amazing team spirit, magnificant technique and Katherine being more vigorous every game they played they had become one of the best Quidditch teams in Great Britain and Ireland.

    And they had shown that women were as successful in professional sports as men were, the legend of the Holyhead Harpies' rise now immortal among other teams.

    Exactly 100 words!!! *Heads off to collapse on sofa after the past few intense drabbling days*

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