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    Cry-Baby Girl


    Obviously, I'm writing a fanfic and need help. Can anyone think of a legal broom flying age? Was there ever a driver's license type of thing for wizards? In the books 1st years can't have brooms (though I can see why! Eleven year olds with brooms...*shudders*) and most of the parents don't allow their young children to fly anything but toy brooms (though that might just be good parenting!). So, again the question was is there a legal broom flying age/driver's license. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't think there is really a "legal age" kind of thing seeing as people as young as 12 are allowed on their House teams. I think the reason 1st years aren't allowed brooms is because most do not know how to fly them, and if a Muggle-born were to try the results could be disastrous, Imagine if there were forty first-years flying all over the ground. It would be massive chaos! *shudders at thought*
    Hope I helped!

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    Nothing in canon about broom licenses, and obviously there is no legal prohibition against first-years flying brooms, since Harry is allowed to. It's just a school policy that first-years can't have their own.

    It's Apparating that requires a license.

    In the wizarding world, Apparating appears to be equivalent to driving a car, while brooms are more like bicycles.

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    If there was something about broom licenses, we definitely would have heard about it in the books. However, if your fic is set somewhere abroad, you could probably make it a law. Since you have creative license.

    Hope that helped somewhat!


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    The way I see it is that a toy broom is somewhat akin to a go kart. It runs like a car, but no one needs a licence for it.

    Although I don't think one needs a licence to fly a broom. The school gives kids offical lessons, but nothing other than that.

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