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Danke schön, meine Freunde!

So, here it is - Dieter's final interview for this thread! Enjoy!

Guten Tag, leahsm2. You're an unfamiliar face - it's good to meet new people.

I hope these questions haven't been asked of you before, but seeing you hovering about the Quidditch Pitch has made me curious.

Don't worry about asking repeat questions - I've lost track of how many I've answered.

And what were you doing at the Durmstrang Quidditch Pitch, anyway? You might like to know that Durmstrang Institute of Magical Learning will not tolerate lurkers and spies!

Aren't you surrounded by those who feel that you, as a Muggle-born Wizard, are as much of a sub-species as those you openly despise?

First and foremost, magic is a gift that wizards are fortunate to possess. If you take magic for granted like many snobbish Purebloods, then you risk losing it - that's why only Pureblood families produce Squibs.

You have to realise that wizards are genetically identical to their Muggle counterparts, just as Muggleborns, Half-Bloods, and Purebloods are the same. The only difference is that unlike Muggles, wizards have been granted extraordinary means of power, but also the responsibility to use this power for the greater good.

Unfortunately, there are some Pureblood wizards (even Aryan ones) that fail to realise this fundamental truth. Zaubererreich Kanzler Gellert Grindelwald has done much to overturn the old stigmas, but unfortunately, he can't do it overnight.

If so, how do you deal with those who would denigrate you for something that is so obviously not your fault?

I take amusement in their stupidity and arrogance. I would also duel Pureblood Slavs like Todorov and Karkaroff, but sometimes the duel would be more of an "ambush."

Does that change in the least the way you feel about the "others" you are forced to associate with?

Who are these "others" you are referring to - Slavs? I'm sorry to say that I don't really understand you question. Could you please elaborate and rephrase?

And hello BB, again.

So, Dieter, what actually DID happen when the dragon was brought to school?

Chaos. Though the story has been told for hundreds of years now and has probably been distorted somehow, we do know that the student refused to give up the dragon and instead let it loose on the grounds. It was never subdued and it just ended up leaving after having essentially besieged the castle for almost a week. The beast caused some considerable damage to the grounds, including destroying the Durmstrang ship - the current Seeschlange is actually the school's second ship, as the first was burnt and sunk.

And you're not feeling that things floating by a beam of light coming from a stick and all that jazz is weird, but you feel having a bird as a pet is weird?

Since when did I say that using magic was normal? Just like using owls to deliver letters, I find spells and potions just as alien and fascinating.

the descendants of the one that boy brought to school as a pet in 1453,
So the dragon brought by the boy was a pregnant female? Because, you know, there would have to be another dragon other wise...

That would have to be the case if there were indeed dragons within the Durmstrang grounds, but since there haven't been any confirmed sightings since 1453, it is just a school legend.

How do you feel, being the first OC to finish up an entire thread? Ask Tim if you don't understand what I mean...

How do I feel? Well, I feel a little overwhelmed, I suppose - so much attention and responsibility! I never would have expected so many people to be so interested in my life in the Reich and at Durmstrang, but I have to say that I am nonetheless proud of my unexpected role as a young representative of a place of which people here seem to know so little.

However, I must also admit that I feel slightly annoyed that I have to reintroduce myself in the next thread, but that's a minor point.

Well, I suppose that's it for this interview. Thank you for the questions BB and leahsm2, and all the dozens of other people who have communed with me on this thread.

Auf Wiedersehen.

~ Dieter Heydrich

Thank you thank you thank you and thank you each and every one of you for leaving your insightful questions and comments. You have all been a tremendous help in the development of Dieter Heydrich as the little Nazi boy we simultaneously love and hate!

Now, to get a bit philosophical, creating Dieter has been... how should I say this? Well, it's been quite a revealing experience! I have learned quite a lot about Nazi Germany in research for this story, and trying to think through Dieter's mind for me has given new meaning to the expression, "Don't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes," or however it goes. Though the thought of little boys in Hitler Youth uniforms doesn't paint an appealing picture, I have to admit that Dieter has grown on me quite a bit. Nazis weren't just SS men in trench coats, but also ordinary men, women, and children like Dieter - and the fact that the masses of ordinary Germans gave Hitler their enthusiastic approval or at least their silent consent makes the nature of the Third Reich all the more terrible and terrifying. Part of the reason why I decided to write this story was to shed some light on why people like Dieter, his parents, and others so vigorously supported the Nazi regime and considered its ideology part of normal life.

Well, enough ramblings! Thanks again for asking Dieter questions and for reading through this vast OC thread. To cap off this thread, here's all the artwork I've drawn for this story so far:

Mitternachtsmannschaft - Your local, highly charming magic secret police force.
Dieter Heydrich - Surely you know who this is, by now.
Sieben Greife - Some wizard money of Das Zweite Zauberrereich.
Hans Heydrich - Dieter's older brother a few years in the future.
Durmstrang Map - A very rough map of the grounds of Durmstrang Institute.
Dieter's Halloween Costume - A joke sketch of Dieter in a Halloween costume, dressed as Joseph Stalin.
Mädchen-Angriff! - Dieter and his girl phobia in action.
Dieter in Colour! - Nice, shiny red uniform!
Die Seeschlange - The Durmstrang boat.
Sky Captain Otto von Von - Dieter's favourite fictional character.
Für Das Größere Wohl Banner - Fanfic advertisement!

Enough with review, lets move on to the new! So, now, I proudly present...

Dieter Heydrich, Part II

See you in the next thread!

Tim the Enchanter