Oh. It's you, OliveOil_Med.

Why do you keep spelling my name wrong? It's getting very annoying!

Wait... what's that you're hiding behind your back? Is it a present? I love presents! If you give me a present, I might reconsider my threat to send the Gestapo after you!

Now I'll answer your questions...

Why don't you tell us a little bit about your roommates?

I have three roommates, two of which are my new friends, Ernst and Konrad. Ernst is Muggle-born, a little taller than me, and has black hair. He's a little on the quiet side but he's very nice. Konrad is from an old wizarding family and looks a bit like me, and he is more outgoing than Ernst.

However, my third roommate is named Aleksandar: he's a Slav, all the way from Bulgaria. Obviously, I don't like him, and he doesn't like me and Ernst because we are both Muggle-born.

Who is your least favorite teacher?

Probably Professor Geschichte, who teaches History of Magic. He looks at me in a weird way, but doesn't say anything. Sometimes he creeps me out.

Is there anyone at your school who the Nazi party would consider weak?

Where have you been? Haven't I told you that there are Slavs at Durmstrang?

What do your classmates know about the Muggle war going on in the world?

They don't know much, apart from the fact that it is happening. Also, the newspapers don't say much, because the journalists don't really know how Muggle warfare works.

Fortunately, I have been receiving Muggle news from my parents, and I end up telling anyone who is curious about what is happening in Poland.

What is your wand made of?

I like my wand. It is 33 centimetres long, rigid, and made of dark ebony wood. The core is a dragon heartstring from a Norwegian Ridgeback.

What is your favorite of all your textbooks?

My favourite textbook would have to be Defensive Magic for Beginners. It's full of lots of fun and useful spells, and it has plenty of diagrams of wand movements I can easily follow.

Is there any class taught at Durmstrang that aren't taught at other schools?

I don't know what classes are taught at other schools of magic, so I can't say anything for sure. However, I think that Durmstrang is the only school that teaches Quidditch as a required subject.

You've said before that girls are icky. What do you think of the girls at your school?

I don't really understand girls. All they want to talk about are clothes and pointless gossip, and I find it hard to maintain a conversation with them if we're not talking about schoolwork.

Plus, I don't like it when they try to kiss me. It's annoying, and unfortunately they know that.

Describe your uniform for us.

Our uniforms are plain, crimson robes. When it gets cold, we wear fur coats over them - they're quite warm.

And now for Elf's questions...

Who told you that elves can't type?

Well, I've been told that all elves did was cooking and cleaning. Also, I've never seen anybody in the wizarding world us a typewriter, so I find it especially odd that an elf would use one.

How would you prove it to them?

I would argue with them, and just so that they know that I am smarter and know what I say is true, I will get better grades than those troublesome Untermenschen.

Or maybe I'll just hex them.

~ Dieter Heydrich

Sorry I haven't come up with any last names for my secondary characters. I'll have to work some more on them.

Don't worry. Dieter's the only profoundly disturbing Nazi-psycho kid wizard. Believe it or not, my story will also have normal people it in!

Tim the Enchanter