In the First War fic I'm writing, after the death of her brother my OC begins to feel unsafe at home, and eventually even fears for her own life. She turns to an old friend for advice, who in turn advises her to speak to Dumbledore. He suggest that she leave home and offers her a safehouse.

Now, I don't want it to be a full-fledged/Godric's Hallow/secret-keeper hiding, but more of a cautionary hiding(considering who she feels she she is in danger from -not Deatheaters or Voldemort), possibly with a member of the original Order? I originally thought of the Longbottoms, or the Weasleys or some other family/couple that had connections to the Ministry or worked directly for the Ministry because my OC could possibly have information regarding the murder of her brother and in the course of the story would even give an official statement to one of the several Aurors in the Order.

Anyway, hoping for some help and suggestions on where (and with who) Dumbledore would organize for her to go.