I actually have never seen Star Wars. I know, that probably is some Anti-Sarah Morals Law that I'm violating, but I've never actually gotten around to seeing the movies.

I think I might have to go with you on the Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione thing. It's a given that Ron and Hermione are getting together (according to Rowling, and she's the boss), and I think Ginny will more than likely end up dying. And if she doesn't, I don't see it very probable that they will get back together. Unfortunately....

And I have a question now that will seem incredibly stupid if the answer is yes, but I must ask it anyway because I have absolutely no idea. Actually, I had never thought about it before, and the answer to my last question (Star Wars vs. Harry Potter) sparked my wonder.

Are there Star Wars books? I was under the impression there were only movies.