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Ok, back to business.

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Yeah, he's great! Do you like 'High'? I'm in love with that song!
I do indeed like High! It's not one of my favourites of his, but I certainly do like it.

What's your favorite category?
Romance, although I do love Dark/Angsty. My favourite sub-cat of Romance is probably Other Pairing, although there's some fabulous stories elsewhere.

Favorite ship?
To write, read or in the books?
To write: Severus/Lily. To read: James/Lily, Draco/Angelina. In the books: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny.

Why did you want to become a mod?
Originally, it was for the same reason everyone wants to. The power, the capabilities, the respect...lol. When I applied I didn't truly expect to get it. But during the submission times, I realised that I really wanted to be part of the mechanics of MNFF. I wanted to feel like I was giving something back to a place I love so much. So all the other things didn't really matter too much from then.

[/cheesy but true answer]

If you could be in any Star Wars movie scene, which one would you choose and which character would you replace?
Well, I'd either be Darth Vader when he kills the Emperor or Padmé in any scene in which she kisses Anakin...

Do you have any new flavours of organ cheese for sale yet? (like that brain flavour, perhaps?)
Ooh, did I not say? Brain flavour is now officially out! As for what's in store...you like pancreas?

Would you rather have an Invisibility Cloak, a Pensieve, a Firebolt, or an everlasting supply of Skiving Snackboxes? (Sorry, I ask everyone that question)
Ooh! Ummm...not the Skiving Snackboxes or the Firebolt. Invisibility Cloak or Pensieve? Maybe the Invisibility Cloak. Yeah I think so.