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Thread: Ask Sarah

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    jenny b
    Sarah, you have good taste in music. *coughsLOVESthekillerscoughs* What are your thoughts on ... The Wombats? Kaiser Chiefs? Tegan and Sara? British India?

    How about Australia? *points at location*

    Tell me. If you had to choose between The Killers or MNFF, what would it be?


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    If I ran into your bedroom screaming I'm a sherman tank and threw a carrot at you what would you do?

    Probably be extremely freaked out for a while, attempt to calm you down, and then call the asylum.

    What is the first word that comes to mind when I say monkey cheese?


    Do you like monkey cheese?

    Well, I've never tried it, so I couldn't say...

    Moo like a cow and jump in a circle on one foot, while taping your head with one hand and fighting with a fake rapier with the other
    ok thats not a question but it would be funny to see *bribes with cookies*

    Cookies are good bribes, I must say, but my coordination is SO terrible that this would be a disaster even without the extra complications!

    What comes to mind when I say:

    Apple - Healthy
    Gas - Power Plant
    8:30 - UGH. Saturday mornings.
    Radish - Luna Lovegood!
    Oh the greatness - JK Rowling. [Hee, ok, I'm lame.]
    recent - happenings
    Mafalda - Hopkirk!

    - If you would be an animagi, what animal would you be?

    Good question! Um, perhaps a koala bear?

    - Do you sing?

    If you mean can I sing well, the answer is most certainly not. Whether I sing despite this is entirely a different matter!

    - Do you draw?

    I doodle from time to time. But my artistic skills are extremely limited, I'm afraid. [You should see me attempt to draw a horse!]

    - Any book that you like other than the Harry Potter and Star Wars series?

    The Twilight Series is absolutely amazing, as is the Tales of the Otori series. I also love Pride & Prejudice, 1984 and books by Jodi Picoult.

    - Choose between the two (looks): Daniel Radcliffe or Robert Pattison?

    Although neither appeal to me at all ordinarily, I would have to pick Robert Pattinson.

    Harry Potter or Cedric Diggory?

    Harry Potter all the way!

    Who's Brandon?

    GAH, you don't know?! You have been deprived, seriously. The Brandon we've referred to in this thread is Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers. Go listen to them, and you will fall in love with his voice, I guarantee.

    Which is WORSE:
    Having your hand nailed to the wall for an hour or having your hand superglued to the wall for a week? (remember, you still have to have the pain of pulling your hands from the wall either way)

    The hand nailing to the wall. *shudders* That's horrific.

    Sarah, you have good taste in music. *coughsLOVESthekillerscoughs*

    Why, thank you! I think so too. XD And GOOD CHOICE.

    What are your thoughts on ... The Wombats? Kaiser Chiefs? Tegan and Sara? British India?

    Hmm. The Wombats...I'm sceptical, but not wholly against them. Kaiser Chiefs I really like, Tegan and Sara I have heard of but never listened to, and British India I have never heard of. Looks like I need to do some brushing up on my bands!

    How about Australia? *points at location*

    I would absolutely LOVE to go. I was going to this February, but things fell through. One day I will!

    Tell me. If you had to choose between The Killers or MNFF, what would it be?

    Ah! You can't ask me that! Especially not here!

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    Hi Sarah,

    I have one quenstion for you as I now have been reading the whole topic, just because I was curious what this Ask Sarah topic is about. I hope this question not have been asked before, but there is so manny that I can't keep track.

    Anyway you said that you like Jodi Picoult books, then I want to ask you: Have you read My Sister's Keeper if yes: What is your opnion on the matter the book is about? I mean, what do you think about parents using a child to save the other? Just tell me if it is to personal question.

    What is your last favorite book ? (HP whise)

    You said that you like PotC, so do I. Now that the triolgy has been completed, what do you think about PotC overall and what is your favorite movie? What do you think about Johnny Depp's acting as Jack Sparrow and have you seen other of his movies?

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