What is your favorite smiley?

On here? This one:

Which genre do you enjoy modding the most?

General. Gen is my beloved.

Do you write more original fiction or fan fiction?

At the moment? Orginal. In general? Fan.

Which real life authors inspire you?

Lian Hearn and of course JK.

1.) If you somehow in your spare time between RL and the wonderful MNFF Beta Boards found time to write some long saga like Star Wars or LoTR, and then sent it to a publisher, and it was as big of a success as the afore mentionted Star Wars and LoTR, how would you react?

I would be absolutely over the moon!

2.) Cheese. Yum. Mature cheddar, please.

3.) Macaroni. Even yummier.

4.) What is your greatest pet peeve in fanfiction of all time?

Dialogue errors. And lack of paragraphing. *stabs*

5.) Do you enjoy modding immensly, or do you prefer RL?

I love modding with all my heart and soul, but in the end, RL is better.

Have you ever considered a life of crime?


Who is your role model (cannot be Jo!!!) and why?

Hmm, I have two, other than Jo. The first is Sir Ian McKellen, because I love drama and he's such a fantastic actor. And he stands up for his beliefs, which I very much agree with. The second is Nelson Mandela, because I am quiet political-minded, and he campaigned so hard for political rights, not even giving up when he was sent to prison.

Why does modding appeal to you?

I guess...it's just so great to know I'm part of something I love so much [MNFF] and also that I'm helping authors improve in some small way. Plus, my co-mods are such lovely people.

What do you want to be when you grow up? (or, if you are grown up, why are you what you are)

Nope, not grown up yet! I'm really hoping to become a politician.

How do you have time to mod and write?

I don't, really...I barely write anymore. *guilt*

What is your guilty pleasure?



Really? Oh, then the Pokemon theme tune...

If you could ask Brandon one thing, what would it be?

Will you marry me? Duh.

Would you rather meet Brandon and have him fall in love with you, and you two be happy for ever and ever, and never get to read Deathly Hallows, or read DH and never speak to Brandon?

*giggles* I'd meet Brandon, have him fall in love with me and we'd be happy for ever and ever. But because he's such a sweetheart and he loves me so much, Brandon would strive to help me obtain a copy off DH in any way he could.

Anyway, I'd have to meet Brandon and have him fall in love with me in just over 3 months from now. I mean, give the guy a chance.

What's the first Killers song you heard?

I believe it was Mr Brightside.

Is your French improving?

It so is! At least, I think it is...

Are you easily distracted by shiny things? *so isn't* >.> <.<

*so totally isn't either*

If you could say one thing [with your superior knowledge] that would get me even more excited for the Killers concert than I already am, what would that be?

Ooh! I'd say that it's so utterly SQUEEWORTHY when he talks to you, as in the crowd. 'Cause he does that. Eee!

Did you hear the original Romeo & Juliet (i.e. the Dire Straits version) first, or The Killers' cover of it first? How would you compare the two versions? Which is better, in your opinion?

I heard the Killers version first. And I mean, when you hear that one first, Dire Straits really just doesn't measure up. You have to pity them really - they're up against the Killers after all.

What convinced you to apply to become a mod? Were you poked by anyone in particular?

I had wanted to be a mod for so long. No-one poked me, but I thought I'd give it a shot and so I applied!

You seem to like many of the artists that I myself am very fond of. Do you like any of the newer indie bands, at all? For example, The Feeling, The Fray, Klaxons? If not, why not?

I love The Feeling and The Fray. Klaxons - not so much. Not quite sure why; I've just never been too taken with them.

Do you write much original fiction? Do you have any future plans to write extensively?

I write a little original fiction, but not much. I'd really love to publish at least one novel in my life...

Do you play any instruments?

Yep! I play the flute.

Wow...all these questions...must go lie down in a darkened room. But keep them coming, lol!