I am planning a one-shot featuring Gellert Grindelwald and one of his prisoners. I just had a few questions about Nurmengard, his prison. This is kind of dark stuff, so if you are easily offended, please don't read on.

How do you think prisoners were handled after they had been locked up? Left there until they died, or the end of Grindelwald's reign? Do you think they would be given an execution date and then executed systemmatically or do you think executions were more spontaneous, i.e. when the prisoner was captured.

If a prisoner was scheduled to be executed, do you think a last visit from a spouse would be allowed? I'm thinking not, but perhaps if they wanted to torture the poor guy a little more by forcing him to say goodbye?

Do you think that Grindelwald ever visited the prison, perhaps to speak with a particular prisoner if there was some connection between them?

These are pretty vague questions, and I'm not going to incorporate all this in my one-shot, but I did want to get a feeling for how the prison was run. Any and all opinions are needed, please!

Thanks a lot!