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Thread: Slytherin Joins the Mellee on the Pitch

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    Slytherin Joins the Mellee on the Pitch

    Here is our team for this go 'round:

    leahsm2 - Captain
    Mollie/Mollie Black

    The Alternates:
    Rhiannon/ Rhi for HP

    The Boring Part: THE RULES (Slight Joke)

    You must Alternate at least one player between each posting (you can't go again until a minimum of two other players have posted) and the Alternates can only post after we have been assured of player loss and cleared it with the referees. Please keep your posts as close to 100 words as possible without going over.

    No Blood, No Foul! (okay, I added that one, but . . . )

    The Important Part: THE PROMPT

    Breaking Down Barriers

    We are aware that the wizarding world has seen its fair share of discrimination through the ages. The same could be said for Quidditch. Now as a team, it will be your job to show us how a Quidditch team works through a social barrier. It can involve race, blood status, sexual or anything else your team comes up with. Characterization will be very important and, as always, the match will need to be shown in a large part of your story. (This is the QWC, remember!)
    C'mon Slytherin!

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    Gwendolyn Morgan stared at the parchment that had only moments ago been delivered. The ornate writing and the personalized invitation were flattering, but much as she appreciated the offer to try out for the Holyhead Harpies, she wanted more. She looked at the posters hanging on her walls, the banners and bed linens carefully chosen to reflect the colour palette of her favourite team.

    Gwendolyn took the folded advertisement for the open try-outs out of her pocket. The ink was fading, but her hopes were rising. Gwendolyn jumped on her broom flying to Kenmare, ready to make her own fate.
    100 words which hopefully begins to set up our premise!

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    Mollie Black
    Ever since she was little she had dreamt of getting on with the Kenmare Kestrels. She used to pretend that she was the Seeker, and she would act out amazing catches that would win the match by a mere 10 points.

    Now, as she stood before the pitch, she realized that in just a few hours her life could be changed forever. As she walked towards the sign-up table, she felt everyone stiffen and watch her walk. As she grabbed the pen to put her name down for Seeker, the captain, Darren O’Hare, cleared his throat.

    She looked up.
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    “And you are?” he asked.

    “Gwendolyn Morgan,” she replied, looking him straight in the eye, desperately wanting to appear confident.

    “Well, I’m sorry, Gwendolyn, but we don’t allow women on our team.”

    She looked around and realised she was completely surrounded by men, with not a woman in sight.

    “But, why?” she asked.

    “We have found that women players simply can’t perform as well as men.”

    “That’s rubbish!” she retorted, her temper heating up. “There are women players throughout the league who perform equally well to men.”

    “Well not at Kenmare.” With that, he turned away, ending their conversation.
    um, 97 maybe 98 (i edited - not sure of the difference

    I think I made Darren a bit mean, it can be changed if it's not liked.

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    “The Holly Herpies could use another woman,” snickered one man, which caused the rest of the team to fall out in laughter.

    “That’s Holyhead Harpies you buffoon,” she seethed back. They half-heartedly tired to straighten up, but it was obvious to her that they wouldn’t take her seriously. “You must have been the team’s Seeker.”

    “You recognize greatness then,” he boasted.

    She glared at him, “If by ‘greatness’ you mean stunning stupidity. At least that’s what the Daily Prophet stated as they noted how you cost the match from last weeks game.”

    “Well, let’s see if you can do better!”
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    Mollie Black
    Eager to prove the team wrong, Gwen spun on her heel and walk to the center of the pitch.

    “Alright then,” she called, “let it go.”

    Darren, seriously doubting her skills, picked up a tiny box on the table that housed a single Snitch. Snickering, he released the clasp, sending the golden ball soaring into the sky. Gwen waited until the ball disappeared before mounting her broom and taking off.

    The team watch as she sped towards the sky, squinting as the sun shone in their eyes. Gwen was circling the pitch, looking for any sign of the Snitch.
    99 words again!


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    “Alrighty then, boys,” he mocked. “Let’s teach this girl some Quidditch.”

    Darren reached under the table and brought out the rest of the Quidditch supplies. He waxed up a side of one of the Bludgers, and threw it in her general direction.

    Gwen, who was having trouble seeing in the glare of the morning light, was totally absorbed in finding the Snitch. She caught sight of it, circling swiftly just out of reach. She smiled, thinking how simple this would be and swooped down to catch it, when whomp, the Bludger hit her square on. She careened towards the ground.
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    She could hear their jeers as she plummeted. A voice inside her was saying not to give up. She could think of nothing but the impending fall. Somehow, her instinct kicked in and she yanked up the end of the broom. Suddenly, inches away from the ground, the broom began to ascend and, after a few seconds, she levelled out, before making a controlled descent and landing smoothly.

    She looked defiantly at Darren and for a moment she thought she saw a glimmer of respect in his eyes. When she looked again, however, it had been replaced by cool indifference.
    100 words - hope it is ok. hissssssssssssssssssssssss

    Adrian won a QSQ! Thanks to Minnabird for the beautiful banner. Click on it to read Stolen Magic - the story of the second wizarding war through a very different character's eyes.

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    Mollie Black
    She knew all too well why the team behind Darren was laughing--her pathetic attempt. She squared her shoulders as Mitch Ryan, the team’s star Beater stepped forward.

    “You see,” he sneered, “This is why little girls don’t belong on the pitch.”

    Gwen told herself to stay calm as he continued to ridicule her.

    “You never know what could happen.” He waved his wand and she tripped onto the cold, hard Earth.

    “Now, now,” Darren reprimanded, “A clumsy player just won‘t do.”

    Renewed peals of laughter followed his remark, and she glared at him as she picked herself up.
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    “Give our regards to the Holly Herpies,” Darren called after her, as she limped off the pitch.

    Gwen turned to make one last, scathing remark and saw him wipe off the Bludger before returning it to its box. She stood looking back at the team, her heroes. She watched them look back at her, leering and pointing. She knew they had cheated her out of her destiny. Cheated her out of showing what she was made of. Gwen grinned. She wasn't so easily gotten rid of. She kicked off the ground, her legs a bit shaky, but her resolve renewed.


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