Here is our team for this go 'round:

leahsm2 - Captain
Mollie/Mollie Black

The Alternates:
Rhiannon/ Rhi for HP

The Boring Part: THE RULES (Slight Joke)

You must Alternate at least one player between each posting (you can't go again until a minimum of two other players have posted) and the Alternates can only post after we have been assured of player loss and cleared it with the referees. Please keep your posts as close to 100 words as possible without going over.

No Blood, No Foul! (okay, I added that one, but . . . )

The Important Part: THE PROMPT

Breaking Down Barriers

We are aware that the wizarding world has seen its fair share of discrimination through the ages. The same could be said for Quidditch. Now as a team, it will be your job to show us how a Quidditch team works through a social barrier. It can involve race, blood status, sexual or anything else your team comes up with. Characterization will be very important and, as always, the match will need to be shown in a large part of your story. (This is the QWC, remember!)
C'mon Slytherin!