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Thread: Turnips Take Over the Pitch!

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    Turnips Take Over the Pitch!

    Welcome! This is Ravenclaw's QWC thread! I can feel the excitement emanating off of all my players as they continue planning in our tactics room.

    So, take seat, grab a Butterbeer, and just relax as we Turnips take over the Pitch!

    Here's the wonderful team that is participating in the QWC:

    Team Members:
    Captain: Azhure
    Elaina/Squib Kitten



    You guys should all know the rules:

    -Only the team members may post in here. If you aren't part of the team, but have edits or suggestions, just post in our tactics thread. This also goes for the alternates.
    -If you are an alternate, I will let you know if you're needed - you must wait for me to let you know.
    -Drabbles need to be as close to 100 words as possible WITHOUT going over.
    -You need to state your word count after each post.
    -You have to wait until two people have posted after your previous post in order to post again. eg:

    This is the correct way
    Player One
    Player Four
    Player Three
    Player One

    This is incorrect
    Player One
    Player Three
    Player One
    Player Three

    It doesn't matter what order we post in, as long as there's two posts since your last one.

    And that's about it. If you have any questions, just PM me or post in our Tactics Room in the 'Claw Tower.

    Here is the prompt once more:

    Breaking Down Barriers

    We are aware that the wizarding world has seen its fair share of discrimination through the ages. The same could be said for Quidditch. Now as a team, it will be your job to show us how a Quidditch team works through a social barrier. It can involve race, blood status, sexual or anything else your team comes up with. Characterization will be very important and, as always, the match will need to be shown in a large part of your story. (This is the QWC, remember!)
    So, let's get started!

    Rah-Rah Ravenclaw!!!


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    Squib Kitten
    100 words exactly.

    "I smell muddiness of their blood, Aleksandar Ivanovich!" Transylvanian Chaser Emilian Ionescu sneered in bad English, to his fellow Beater over their empty firewhiskey bottles. "Stench can be smelling even on whole bar, like dead animal in road."

    His other drinking companion nudged him, shooting a warning glare over Emilian’s shoulder. "Ionescuvich, my friend," Chaser Dragomir Pavel warned.

    “Pavel,” replied Ionescu nonchalantly, turning to see what the problem was.

    Standing behind him was a tall, seething Scotsman. “Take. It. Back. Now!” snapped Ian McCormack. His equally furious team mates gathered around and knuckles cracked in preparation for the imminent fight.
    I introduced four of our characters! The Transylvanians call each other their last names plus -vich, which means 'son of' and is a term of closeness (I believe). Notice that Ionescu does not use it for Pavel, although Pavel does for him. Ionescu's grammar is horrendous, isn't it?

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    100 words.

    Emilian Ionescu felt not even a twinge of fear as he sized up the eight Scots before him; a team of sniveling Mudbloods and blood-traitors, and their opponents in the Quidditch World Cup. He turned his back on them, the lot of them a waste of his time. He looked at Gustav Krum, Captain and Keeper of their team, and grinned into his ale.


    Chaos exploded when McCormack slammed his fist into Ionescu’s head, sending him forward and into his grouped teammates. Fist and curses began to fly.

    McCormack reached through the tumult to grab a small redheaded girl.
    One more Translyvanian player is introduced, a fight begins and a person retived.

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    "Come on, you don't want to get involved in this," he whispered to the girl.

    "Thanks," she replied, her cheeks colouring a bright red. Ian cleared his throat nervously and asked, "So, are you looking forward to the game tomorrow?"

    “Of course. But it will be a hard match,” Sorina replied. “As we can see.” She nodded towards the scuffling teams.

    “I’m sure you’ll do well.”

    Sorina blushed even more and looked away, to the brawl.

    There was a crash as Ionescu was thrown onto a table.

    “Okay, break it up!” called a voice from the back of the room.
    /100 words

    Good start, guys! We will continue to plan in our thread - this was just added so it was 50 characters.


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    The bartender had finally realized what was going on and was seemingly trying to end the fight.

    “If you have any problems among yourselves, go solve them somewhere else – but not in my bar,” the bartender said, approaching them, wearing a dark-blue apron and holding a big glass in one hand.

    “Oh, we’ll solve these problems,” Ionescu said. “Tomorrow, on the Pitch, you’ll see!”

    “Let’s see just how good you are tomorrow,” Linus MacDonald, Beater for the Scottish team, taunted. “You may be mean, but we’re meaner.”

    “That’s what we’ll see,” Lucian Moldovan, one the Transylvanian Chasers said, surprisingly calm.
    Exactly 100 words.

    So, two more players introduced (: (And one bartender, but that doesn't matter.)


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    100 words.

    He took a long hard look at the opposing team, pausing on Mathilda O’Connor, giving her a once over. Then he and his teammates turned and walked out the door of the pub and into the balmy night. They made it back to the camp before the worry set in.

    “Vat if he found out?” asked Lucian Moldovan, voicing the concern of many players.

    “Dumitrescuvich, all is vell, if he did find out he vould only commend our loyalty to the greater good,” said Krum, with an unwavering faith in his voice.

    “But, Grindelvald…”

    “If Krum believes, ve all do.”
    The last person is another Translyvanian team member, I couldn't fit his name in! Any member would do. =] It's getting good guys.

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    Squib Kitten
    100 words!

    Two seekers, sleeping arrangements, and introducing the name of the Transylvanian team; read on!

    The entire Transylvanian team turned to see who had spoken, and were surprised to see their alternate Seeker, Josef Wronski, usually silent and reserved. He wiped blood off his chin. “Do you not trust our captain? He says it is good thing, then it is good thing.”

    Back at the pub, the Scots triaged their injuries. None was serious enough to keep them from playing the match. They trudged up the stairs to their cramped, dank rooms above the pub.

    “I’ll bet the bloody Targoviste Dragons aren’t sleeping in a hovel like this,” complained Peter O’Tool, the small Scottish Seeker.
    Originally posted by Inverarity

    Targoviste was the old capital of Transylvania (and the location of the court of Vlad the Impaler, aka "Dracula").

    "Dragons" alludes to many things. Besides being a pretty cool name for a Quidditch team, Vlad the Impaler was known as "Vlad Dracul" (hence "Dracula"). And in Romanian, "dracul" also means "devil" or "demons," which means the team's name could alternatively be translated as the Targoviste Devils or the The Targoviste Demons. Which makes them suitably sinister, I think.

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    "Silence," commanded Captain Jocunda Sykes, "or you'll be sleeping outside.” Peter glanced away; he had always been slightly intimidated by the captain.

    "Sorry," he said sheepishly.

    "Now, I want you all to have a good night's sleep. I'll let you sleep in, but just make sure it's not too long.” Jocunda looked at the rest of the team. “I will also leave some Sober-Up potions out for you, because I know most of you have been drinking.” She glared particularly at McCormack. “What are you waiting for? Go to bed, team!”

    The team quickly hurried off to their appropriate rooms.

    We're doing great, guys! Sorry I wasn't here earlier. It's been a busy morning.


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    100 words.
    The next morning came and with it a chill in the air. Several hundred feet above the Scottish Quidditch team, the Pride of Portree, were thousands of screaming, jeering, half-crazed fans.

    “You reckon a single one of them is cheering for us?” asked Cambeul Llyal, Chaser for the Prides. “To win, I mean.”

    His teammates peered out into a towering sea of almost animalistic faces; a mix of Russians, Germans, and Bulgarians. Not a single familiar feature among them.

    “No. They want our blood, and that is all,” replied Jamilyn Channing, Keeper for the Prides.

    The trepidation set in.
    The entire Scottish team has been intorduced, including alternate and the team name. Now for the Transylvanians. =] Good job, 'claws!

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    They couldn’t help but admire the place it was set in, though. Although it was cold – much more cold than they were used to – it was still beautiful.

    Ian McCormack remembered how dreamy-eyed the girls had all been when they saw the thick, white layer of snow covering the entire grounds.

    They were going to play in a big Quidditch field near where Nurmengard was being built. Nurmengard was, basically, a prison for anyone who strayed out of Grindelwald's desires.

    “Hey, snap out of it,” he heard Sorina say. “You’re getting nervous, aren’t you?”
    94 words. Major writer's block

    Er ... GO RAVENCLAW!


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