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    The Lexicon won't work for me, so I guess I'm going to have to ask you guys for some help on this. Here's the questions I need answering;

    What are the names of the book and jewellery shop?

    Is it ok to place them next door to each other or is there an actualy map of Hogsmede?

    Is there a Quidditch Supplies shop and if so where is it?

    Could I just place things near each other as long as I had the Hogs Head far down the street, and The Three Broomsticks somewhere near the center?

    - Thanks

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    ms. leading
    I don't remember there ever being a mention of a jewellery or book shop, but that might just be me forgetting. The HP wiki doesn't have them on its list of shops, though. So it's up to you, really. There also isn't mention of a Quidditch supplies shop in Hogsmeade, but I'm sure you're allowed to make one up

    Regarding your question on where to say the pubs are, here's the link to a map: Click
    I'm not sure how official that is, but do I think the Hogs Head was somewhere off the main street.

    Hope that's helped.
    ~ Cassie

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    Just popping in to say that the Lexicon seems to be down for pretty much everyone, but you can use the IP address to access it. Jut copy and paste in the URL bar.


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    But don't forget, the main site also has its own encyclopedia. Just go to the Mugglenet Main Site, and you will find a link under Information to bring you there.

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