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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Life of a Wizard: Courtship - Results!

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    Name: mudbloodproud
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Meeting Her Parents
    Warnings: none
    Word Count: 499
    Pairing: James/Lily
    Authors Notes: A brief summary: Theirs was never a normal courtship. After all, how could you have a normal courtship when there was a war going on?

    “Lily, are you sure you want to do this?” James asked quietly.

    “Yes, James. I think it is time, don’t you?” The look in her eyes would have had him agreeing to anything she wanted, even meeting her parents.

    “I went with you to your parents’ house last night. Now, you are going with me to mine.” Lily’s voice brooked no argument.

    James knew he had no choice. They had been dating since just before the Christmas holidays of their seventh year at Hogwarts. So far, he had managed to avoid having to meet her parents.

    Summer was almost over. They had been out of school for two months. Both had been busy with The Order, so there hadn’t been time for the normal ‘meeting the parents’ stuff.

    At the tap on the window of James’ apartment, James felt hope blossom in his heart. Maybe Dumbledore needed him tonight. Lily couldn’t argue if he had to leave because of Order business.

    Opening the window, James reached out and took the note tied to the owls leg. Opening it, he was disappointed to see Sirius’ handwriting.

    Have fun tonight. Better you than me.

    Crumbling the note, he turned to Lily. “Lily, come and sit by me,” he said as he sat on the sofa.

    When Lily sat beside him, he looked into her eyes.

    “I know we haven’t exactly had the most normal relationship. We have only been out on a few real dates. I know my parents think we are ‘courting’. Is that what we are doing?” he asked.

    ‘Courting? What an old-fashioned word.” Lily looked like she was thinking about it. “I guess that is what we are doing. Courting…” Lily burst out laughing.

    “As I see it, courting is beyond dating, right?” James questioned.

    Lily didn’t know where James was going with this, but she figured the quickest way to find out was to agree with him.
    “Yes, courting comes after dating,” Lily said hesitatingly.

    “That’s what I thought.” James grinned. “We are going to be late. We better get to your parents.”

    Lily didn’t’ understand the quick change in James, but stood and placed her hand in his. Together, they Apparated to her bedroom in her parents’ house.

    As they walked down the stairs, Lily called, “Mum, Dad, we’re here.”

    Lily introduced James to her parents, then leaving him with her father, she went to help her mum in the kitchen.

    “Sir, before Lily comes back, I would like to ask you something,” James began, his voice betraying none of his nervousness.

    “Go ahead, ask,” replied Lily’s father.

    “Sir, I would like your permission to marry your daughter. I know this seems sudden to you, but I have loved her for years. It just took her awhile to realize she loves me, too.”

    Lily’s father looked at the boy in front of him. Smiling, he replied, “I think you may be just what Lily needs. So, yes, you can marry my daughter.”

    James smiled.
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    -pops in from ebil!lair-

    Oh wow! This was HARD to judge! MQ and the Ebil One had to take extra time and read extra carefully for this prompt. All the drabbles submitted were of excellent quality. However, the following three stood out:

    ++First Place::
    The Rhythm of Tradition by bluemoon13

    Shivy made good use of the prompt by delineating the rules of Pureblood courtships in the drabble submitted. Considering that JKR casually mentioned Draco/Astoria just out of the blue, this drabble seems like a probably way the two could have met and fallen in love. Also, taking into account this was her first try at writing Draco, MQ and the Ebil One both thought she did a splendid job in his characterization.

    ++Second Place::
    A Memory of Spring by eternalangel

    Eternalangel wrote a strong reflective/restropect piece from a most interesting POV and a very canon pairing: Rodolphus/Bella. MQ and the Ebil One felt that this drabble gave Rodolphus more depth as a character and brought him out of the shadow of Bella. She also made excellent use of the prompt.

    ++Third Place::
    Consideration by kehribar

    MQ and the Ebil one were highly impressed by kehribar's piece mainly because she used OCs from her Historical fic that are well-developed. They're very much 3D and it makes the reader want to continue reading about Iris and Arcturus.

    ++Honorauble Mention::
    Dancing a Waltz by TheBlackSister[

    Congrats to the winners! You guys are awesome! It wasn't easy, trust me, to choose just three.

    Ebil One & MQ

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