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Thread: AUSTRALIAN Culture and Language Help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inverarity
    Just a general comment: one should always be wary of generalizing from individual anecdotes and experiences, whether it's with regard to Australian, British, Canadian, or American culture, or any other. The U.S. has a very wide spectrum of attitudes, as does Canada, and I imagine Australia, while somewhat less regionally diverse than North America, does too.
    And wizarding schools are not necessarily the same as muggle ones, although they'd probably be similar. Having been to school in Australia and in Britain, at a similar sort of school in each country, my school in Australia was much more like Hogwarts is described than my school in Britain - it had houses and house points and we had to buy our own textbooks and all the school rules were actually obeyed (at school in Britain we were supposed to stand up every time a teacher walked into the room. I think it lasted two days.) I expect that in many ways a wizarding school in Australia would be very similar to Hogwarts.

    I also think they would have a prison - you don't need Voldemort to have some people who commit crimes! Although they might be a bit more sensible and not use Dementors, remember Azkaban was around long before Voldemort (Dumbledore's father was sent there).

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    Back once again! With more questions still!

    Given these preditions, how do you believe Australian wizards would preceive the British wizarding world? And British wizards?

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    I am writing a story that takes place in Australia. The wizarding market is located in Sydney, but I am not quite sure how it is entered or where it is hiding.

    In SS/PS, the entrance to Diagon Alley is located through the Leaky Cauldron and behind a brick wall. What would be a good place for such an entrance to be hiding in Sydney.

    And, as I have never been to Australia myself, I am not quite certain what Australian shopping districts look like. Should it be a tight alley like in London, and open marketplace, a town square, what?

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    Umm...I'd go with a sort of open street, not cramped like Diagon Alley but sort of open and nice. It could maybe be a market place, but I don't think that's very likely.


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    Hmm, okay; an open street it is! Now, how would they go about entering it. Is there anyone out there who has a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to the city of Sydney? What would be some possible gateway locations to look into?

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    Double posting because I have a question about Australian currency.

    I have a sentence where a character becomes very surprised and their eyes go as wide as 'coins'. What are some pieces of Australian currency that could be used to decrive someone's very wide, very round eyes.

    And this girl is a Muggle, so using wizard money wouldn't work.

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    Um...the largest round coin is a 20c. And it's not much bigger than an eye woul be normally...

    There is always fifty cents, but it's like a dodecahedron, not a circle. And it's not much bigger either...

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    Does your 20c coin have a name, or do you just call it a twenty cent piece?

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    ms. leading
    We'd call it a twenty-cent coin.

    Molly, you can always Google what they look like to confirm that this is what you wish to use for your simile.

    - Cassie

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    I don't know anything about European sceondary exams, but I have had people tell me that the O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. exams slightly resemble the British exams in secondary school, while Fleur in her sixth year resemble France's.

    I know in the United States, hoever, there are at least a dozen sorts of similar exams: ACT, SAT, AP, Bac, Post Secondary, etc. What sort of major exams do Australian secondary students have? Is there more than one system?

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