Right, I'm back, with a few things to say.

Aussies are thrillseekers. Maybe not all of them, but there's a reason that they say:

'Bungee jumping is sport for Australians, New Zealanders and mad people.'

And with all that wide open space, nice cliffs and ocean on all sides you can understand why we like to bungee jump, surf, snow-ski, water-ski and generally anything that comes with a the warning: DANGER. May result in disability or death.

Yes, Australia is not for the faint-hearted.

It actually snows a lot, but if we have a bad season, then New Zealand has a good one, and if we have a good one, then New Zealand has a bad one.

As for beer, well, you just have to watch this. Greatest ad ever. Yes, we love our beer. More than is probably healthy. But hey, you might as well live while you're young, right?

I've mentioned the playful rivalry, right? Well I was thinking about the footy and just had to laugh when I remembered the crowd chanting as Nick Reidwolt (most overated player in the competition) lined up for goal when Saints played Richmond. They were chanting 'you are a loser'. Except they didn't say 'loser' they used a word that starts with 'w' and ends with 'anker'.

Also, the cork hat. Now it may look stupid, but I tell you it's a miraculous invention. We used them all the time on out Central Australia trip.

On the same string of thought: the Thunderbox. For those who don't know, its a box, way down in the back of the backyard, with a loo inside. It is the favourite nesting place of spiders and snakes and if you've ever had to use one in the middle of the night, in winter, no less, you sure can appreciate the miracle of indoor plumbing.

Australian icons: The Victa lawnmower, The Hills Hoist, the thong (the kind that goes on your feet), the giant inflatable thong (again, the kind that go on your feet) that you take to the beach, Skippy, Victoria Bitter... the list is endless.

Basically, we are geniuses. Bow down to our might.

Besides, all the other coutries are starting to get on in years, wheras we are still young and lively. We love nothing more than a party and any excuse for a holiday will do. Like I said, we're still such a young country; still capable of burning the midnight oil while the other countries are tucked up in bed, taking a nanna nap.

On that note, I'm going for my smoko.