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    I was wondering, do Wizards/Witches got to some sort of college after Hogwarts?
    I'm writing a post-Hogwarts fic, and I was just wondering.
    Also, what exactly happened tot he Malfoys after Voldy was killed? I know Draco definitely didn't go to jail, but what did he do then?
    Any ideas?


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    MC Kair
    Hey Luna!

    I don't think that wizards have college because even to be an Auror you just need certain NEWTs. I think that Hogwarts is the highest wizarding education you can get as they all take classes to get jobs.

    None of the Malfoys went to jail as Harry testified on their behaf. I don't think there is any canon evidence of what Malfoy became afterwards but we do know that he married and had a child. I think that Malfoy's job would give anyone a free rien.

    Hope that helped.


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    We do know that some jobs require training after Hogwarts (e.g. an Auror), but there is no Wizarding college.

    I would go with on the job training.

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    I would like to point out that this might be the case only in England though. Education systems differ in countries even in the muggle world, so if you want to send someone to college, you can possibly send them to other countries. Also, if some witch or wizard wants to study certain subjects in even more detail, they could possibly act as assistants for more learned wizards. Hogwarts teachers for example. I personally think the teachers at Hogwarts must have studied more than for just the NEWTs to be able to teach advanced magic, so may be there are few wizards and witches who have opened institutes for further studies.

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    James Jameson
    I agree with witch6. I think that Hogwarts and Wizarding Britain are a bit old-fashioned, so they might not have all the education. In the United States, however, I think that the chance of a University or College for Wizards is much more likely. Perhaps Draco (or whomever you're using) could travel to Canada or the States??


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    in a book <33
    I think wizards do their NEWTs and then leave Hogwarts. Then they probably do training at the job they want to do. Like an apprenticeship, probably. For example, Tonks says in OTP, that she did training for 3 years before becoming a qualified auror. It says on HPwikia that she trained under Mad-Eye.

    When Remus Lupin became a teacher, there was never any suggestion that he had done training for it. Tom Riddle also applied to Dumbledore to teach, and I'm fairly sure he did no training.

    Reading that back, what I've written seems kind of long-winded, but I hope it helps.

    I think the Malfoy's would've been ok after the war, as Narcissa saved Harry (I think so, anyway), and so Harry would owe them.

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    There's no canon to back up a UK Uni, but why not an American U? However, you maybe could push the idea of a UK College, if you really wanted to... that is if you're not too picky about canon.

    Personally, I don't think UK has a Wizarding College, per se, but definitely has forms of post-Hogwarts education, like inspirations said.

    If Draco wants to get into Healing, I'm sure there's a Healing School/Lessons at St. Mungos. But if Draco wants to become a shopkeeper, I doubt there are wizarding business classes. Though, there is always to option of taking a muggle business course. Example: if there's not teaching course in the Wiz world, why not take one in the muggle? Though, I'm assuming Draco wouldn't like that idea, but in general, if a future teacher wanted to show his/her qualifications, muggle degrees probably hold some sway.


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    I think post-Hogwarts training probably tends more towards apprenticeships than formal education. This would fit both the old-fashioned nature of the wizarding world, and the traditional way in which wizards and witches are supposed to learn their craft, according to folklore.

    I also assume that the wizarding world has a fairly small population, compared to the Muggle population. It used to be that only the elite went to post-secondary education, and even now, only a minority of students go to college. Since Hogwarts appears to be the only wizarding school in all of Britain, and just about everyone goes there, there probably aren't enough wizards to support universities where Hogwarts students go on for more specialized training.

    If wizards adopt more ideas from the Muggle world, someone might introduce some sort of formal higher education system, but it would probably consist of small classes, correspondence courses, and the equivalent of licenses and certifications

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