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Thread: Traveling with Small Children(DH spoilers)

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    Traveling with Small Children(DH spoilers)

    Ginny is pregnant with baby Lily. She and Harry also have four-year-old James and two-year-old Albus. What would be the most comfortable way for her to travel to the Burrow as a very pregnant Witch? What would be the best way to bring two small(possibly wiggling) children?

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    I would think the best way for them to travel would be by Floo powder. I don't think side-along Apparition would be a very easy thing to do, especially with Ginny pregnant and broomsticks aren't as fast, or as safe.

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    I agree that Floo Powder would probably be best - I would imagine there are risks involved with a pregnant witch apparating (leaving parts of baby behind that body isn't used to transporting for example.) I think the kids would probably be used to travelling by Floo and would have been given very strict instructions on holding their parents' hands tightly and not fidgeting. If Harry is going as well he could take one child (maybe Albus as he is younger wile Ginny could take James who is a little holder and therefore less likely to cause trouble to his pregnant mum)

    Another option is to drive. In the DH epilogue Ron asks Harry if he `parked alright` so we can assume that Harry and possibly Ginny can drive and probably have a car. If the Potters live reasonably close or they had one of the Ministry-type cars (Harry could always have been given a company car by the ministry in case he was unable to use magic to attend a case) then they might consider driving to minimise the risk to Ginny/the baby.

    Hope that helps!

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    I pretty much agree with what the others have said. If you want to make it fast travel, use Floo Powder, because Apparation has the risk that was explained above, and Portkeys are dangerous because you can easily land off balance and a pregnant woman would most likely fall.

    If you don't mind about how long they take to get there, driving seems the best to me.


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    I'm probably missing something very obvious here but I thought that you had to travel alone when using Floo Powder. I was thinking about the time that Harry ended up in Knockturn Alley, if he could have travelled with Ron or someone then surely he would have? In GOF when the Weasleys land in the Dursleys fireplace they don't all arrive together either.

    I agree that Apparating sounds much too dangerous for a pregnant lady and she wouldn't be able to control 2 tearaways on a broom so i think you're stuck with Muggle transport or maybe Sirius' motorbike makes a re-appearance

    The other thing that's occured to me is Ali Bashirs flying carpets (very good family vehicles) I know the Ministry had banned them but perhaps Kingsley reverses the ban.

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