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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge: Infamous Words #3 - Results

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    Name: Cwiddy
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Passing Time
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 252
    Character: Merlin
    Authors Notes: Just playing around with this little drabble!

    Merlin sat in his cave prison, trapped there for several years he frequently searched for ways to entertain himself when he got bored from trying to figure out a way to escape. He reasoned that sometimes one had to take ones mind off the obvious problem to find the answer.

    He had a craving for something sweet, so he stared at the strawberries that sat on his counter and a bit of milk he'd saved to drink later he wondered how they would taste mixed together...and maybe cooled...or frozen together? He started to experiment and soon had some strawberry iced cream. He had a left over waffle from his breakfast and formed it into a cone shape to place the ice cream in and soon sat licking at his creation.

    His magic stream showed him all the goings on in the world and many times he wished he could reach through and take part, but from thus he was banned. He contemplated his fame in the world. His name was fading from the memories of some in the world, but others searched high and low for him. Some remembered him for his crimes, while others remembered his virtures. One could be known for good or bad things.

    As he ate the ice cream, he found himself humming an old dance tune. Sometimes finding simple things to be happy about, such as this ice cream, was better then all the fame the world could give. Fame was such a fickle thing!.

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    Name: Rachel/lily_evans34
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Price of Fame
    Warnings: Nope
    Word Count: 423
    Character: Gwenog Jones
    Authors Notes: ... When's the last time I wrote a drabble? o.O I don't flat-out say it, but it's in response to the second prompt.

    The sun was setting outside of her apartment, but she hardly had a thought to spare for it as she hastily scribbled a formulaic response to the eighth piece of fan-mail she had received that day. It was a pointless task, she noted half-heartedly as she signed her name, an ambiguous blur of letters, written in green ink. Her afternoon had been spent revising tactics for their upcoming match against Puddlemere United, and she really had little thought to spare for fans doting over a particularly memorable Bludger which had hit the Chudley Cannons’ Seeker squarely in the back, costing them the game the previous week.

    Setting down her quill and rubbing her temples, she wondered vaguely when Quidditch had become more of a chore than anything. It had once been her everything, her fervour, her reason to breathe, but now, she considered numbly, it was simply a routine. Wake up, train mercilessly, play in their matches, finish somewhere toward the bottom of the league and answer a couple of pieces of fan-mail in between. She was tired of it, she thought wryly, and more than anything, she wanted a break.

    She gazed out the window at the last rays of the dying sunlight, and remembered back to when she had been a child with the simple, mundane, seemingly unattainable dream of fame. She had wanted citizens of Britain and France and China alike to know her name, to cheer for her as she scored goals, invented the cure for lycanthropy, or sang on stage to a roaring crowd.

    But at what price has fame come? She felt like there was a gaping hole in her lifespan, years in which she had lived without really doing so. She couldn’t remember the last time she had had a moment to herself, time to listen to the wizarding wireless network, time to sit down to a glorious meal…

    And she wondered, with a twinge of regret, how long it had been since she had had a bowl of ice cream.

    Hurriedly picking up her quill, she scrawled a note which she copied onto five pieces of paper, called her owl down from where she sat perched in her cage, and tied it to her leg. As she watched her soar out of sight, she realised that she couldn’t remember the last time she had cancelled practice.

    Shrugging, she considered the fact that she had a day to herself waiting for her in the palpable future. She smiled slightly, and hoped that Fortescue’s would be open.

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    -once more jumps to another challenge-

    Right on. This was a most amusing challenge to judge. xD The Ebil One has to give you all props for the awesome research on the unknown characters. =] Kudos to you!

    ++First Place::
    Every Flavour Beans by Azhure

    Azhure wrote a most amusing drabble that was not only interesting to read but original. She used Bertie Bott and his wife [an OC] in a silly domestic dispute that ends up creating the origin of the infamous Every Flavour Beans. xD

    ++Second Place::
    The Follies of Age by Hufflepuff at Heart

    Hufflepuff at Heart wrote a strong reflection piece not integrating the quote used directly onto the drabble but implied. And not only was it well written and original but gives Bathilda the most awesome characterization that either MQ or the Ebil One have seen.

    ++Third Place::
    Taking the Cake by Pinkcess of the Abyss

    This drabble was most amusing and hilarious since Pinkcess of the Abyss used a very little known character and brought him alive by having him ruin his own sister's wedding to his own partner in crime.

    ++Honorauble Mention::
    The Price of Fame by lily_evans34

    ~Ebil One & MQ

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