Greyback. That naughty naughty werewolf. When will he learn??

Hi!! I am here to discuss Greyback, because he plays a large part in my new fanfic, Ron Weasley and the Shadow Princess. In the Alternate Universe fic, Greyback is Lord Voldemort's right hand man. Er... werewolf.

So, to help me write him, I want to discuss some things about him.

First, I will write a few paragraphs about him. And then, questions!! Q/A!!! My favorite part!!! WHOOO!!!

Okay. Some things about Greyback:

Greyback. Werewolf. Death Eater. Evil. But what is behind the matted fur that we have learned to love and hate?

Well, let's talk about if he was a wizard. He must've been. Or, maybe a half wizard, one of his parents already being a werewolf. We don't know; J.K. doesn't say much about him, but let's just say he was a wizard. Most werewolves are.

So. Hogwarts. That must've been tough, don't you think? If he had already been a werewolf by then, people might've made fun of him. Maybe they were scared of him. Or maybe he had no friend. Maybe he bites people because he's bitter.

Or evil. In Hogwarts, I think he must've been in Slytherin. Pretty much all of the Death Eaters were Slytherins. (No offense Slytherins. You still rock!!) Maybe he put dark curses on people for the fun of it. Maybe he liked the idea of pain and torture. Maybe it excited him greatly.

Now let's talk about after Hogwarts. We know how hard it is to get a job as a werewolf; Remus Lupin is just one example. But perhaps, instead of perservering and trying and trying and trying (and also going to Albus Dumbledore, the most trusting man), Greyback gave up on the wizards and Muggles and decided to hunt them instead. What a fun profession!!!

So we know Greyback postioned himself close to his prey at the full moon. And he bit people to make them werewolves, to lead them from their friends and family, and teach them to hate wizards!!!!

But then, he probably met Lord Voldemort, who offered him power, Death Eater rights (some of them actually), and lots of kids to bite. Well of course he pounced on the job. What was better than that???

So then, Greyback became the deranged werewolf we know today. Biting more and more helpless little kids. Inflicting the horrible disease on them. Their fate was so unclear. They were unsure what the future would bring. Would anyone accept them? Would they find someone like Remus Lupin had found Tonks, to love and accept them for who they are? Well maybe. But then again, maybe not.

So yet another happy life ruined by Greyback, the werewolf.

Thank you, thank you!! And now.....*drumroll*..... Q/A!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!!!!!

Do you think Greyback was a Slytherin?

Do you think Greyback was ever in love?

Do you think Greyback had any friends?

Do you think that Greyback was really good at something, like classes or writing? (Biting will not be accepted. Sorry for the inconvience.)

Do you think that if Greyback had found a job, he would've still ended up with Lord Voldemort?

Send in questions and answers!!!!! Thanks!!!