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    St Mungo's

    Hiya, I am having a few problems in my fic at the moment. I need to know, does anyone know if the healers at St Mungo's perfom operations through magic or do they just use potions to make people well again? Only reason why I am asking is because Hermione in my fic, is in need of being made well again or she will basically die from loss of blood, how do I put this is my fic? Do I just say that she's having an emergency operation or what? I have got no idea, so any thoughts would be helpful thanks

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    Well, it seems like a fair bet that wizarding operations are performed using magic, since St Mungos celebrates the inventor of the entrail expelling curse. Given that being a healer requires a great deal more than just proficiency in Potions, I'd suggest that they definately perform operations.

    So if Hermione is going to die because she's ruptured a major artery or vein, I'd suggest that they'd seal that with magic and then perhaps use potions afterwards to aid the healing process.

    What to call it? Well, you may wish to consider that Ron (I think?) doesn't hold doctors in very high regard. Muggles have doctors, Wizards have healers, so "operation" might be a bit too ambiguous a term for them. Emergency Treatment or something, perhaps? Terms like Operation, Theatre and Surgery probably wouldn't be used in the wizarding medical world, imho.

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    I think that they would give her a blood replenishing potion and may use magic to repair ruptured vessels.

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    There is mention in canon of a Blood Replenishing Potion, but if she has open wounds, they probably need to use wands to close them.

    Ron refers to Muggle doctors as (paraphrasing) "nutters who cut you open," so I imagine wizard "surgery" is somewhat different.

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    Thankyou to those who replied, this has been really helpful, I think I know now the terms that I am going to use instead of operation, as I remember how Ron called muggle doctors nutters. Thanks again for all your help.

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