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Thread: "I didn't get a Rejection Letter"

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    Our emailing system is running with little or no bugs. We always send a rejection letter (unless you submit more than two stories in the same category). If you do not receive rejection letters, acceptance letters, or other MNFF notifications, I highly suggest that you search for an email host that will NOT filter our letters. Hosts that usually allow our letters through are: Yahoo!, Gmail, and Mugglenet.

    If your submission has recently been deleted from the queue, and you have not received a letter:

    1) See if you can find the problem yourself, fix it, and resubmit.

    Did you submit to multiple categories? efiction's software allows you to submit to more than one category, but MNFF requests that you only submit to one. Any submission cross-categorised will be instantly rejected.

    Was your story formatted correctly? Make sure you have clean line breaks between every paragraph. Single returns result in chunks of text that are difficult to read.

    Is your story free of technical mistakes, including grammatical, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, and dialogue errors? Double-check, it doesn't hurt anyone to use a BETA. They'll only improve your work.

    Also, look over the rest of MNFF's submission rules. We have a few 'bottom line' rules that you need to make sure you avoid.

    2) If the above checks out and you don't know what's wrong, or if you resubmit and your story is deleted again, post here and we will see if we can find out who modded your story and why it was rejected, or if not, we will keep a closer eye on it when it is resubmitted.

    Use the following form:

    MNFF Penname:
    Story Title:
    Chapter Title:

    3) Place an Author's Note at the top of your chapter (IN THE TEXT OF YOUR CHAPTER - notes in the AN bubble are not always seen by mods in the queue) stating politely that you did not recieve your last two rejection letters.


    MODS: Please delete posts when you have dealt with the fics.

    USERS: Posts more than a month old will be deleted as no moderator is likely to remember a rejection beyond a few days.


    A general announcement -- I usually send a rejection letter when I delete something submitted to multiple categories, but I'm not sure every mod does, and I'm as likely to have a letter redirected by a Death Eater as the next mod. Multiple-category submission is an AUTO-REJECT listed in the submissions guidelines. If your story was submitted to, say, Humor and James/Lily, it's not going to be validated. Pick the one that is the best fit!

    In the Romance categories, that means you should go through the dropdown menus so that the category that applies (e.g. Harry/Ginny) is the only thing that shows in the selection box. It will automatically subset into Romance. Likewise, a General/Marauder-Era only needs to be a Marauder-Era.

    Also, if you are posting in this thread, check the "Reasons for Rejection" thread in the General Fanfiction Discussion forum afterward. It may give you some hints about what was in that missing letter.

    Another VV edit: if you've submitted two stories to the same category, we probably deleted them both unread. DO read the rules!

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    I am posting here because my most recent chapter has now apparently been rejected a third time, with not notification of any kind. I have checked my e-mail on a daily basis watching the Junk/Spam folder carefully and there has been nothing from any mod explaining why my chapter submission keeps disappearing from the site.

    MNFF Penname: Jeograph
    Story Title: Harry Potter and the Heart of the Hero
    Chapter Title: Chapter 21 - The Potter Curse
    Category: General

    I am very sad to say that I have been becoming increasingly disappointed by Mugglenet, this is not the first time that this has happened to me. I find it very sad, because it was here that I first began writing fan-fiction and I have considered it home for a long time.

    Please let me know what is happening.

    Thank you!

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    Hi! I modded that particular chapter, so I'll shoot you a PM with the details.
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    My updated submission has been rejected, but I didn't get an email. Jessica reviewed it the first time it rejected, don't know if she is the one who saw it the second time. At any rate, I now have a mugglenet email, so that shouldn't happen again. Whoever it was please shoot me a message. I'm the same username for email, fanfiction, and here on the boards~~AtarahPern


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    I was told that you had your privacy settings to where you couldn't receive messages. That's probably why you didn't receive the email. Check your settings and double check that you can receive messages and emails from other members. I think it's currently only allowing admin emails.

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