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Thread: Submission of Story on MNFF Site

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    Submission of Story on MNFF Site

    I don't know if I'm in the right area; I was going to post this in the "Questions" area but the code is wonky in this site and MNFF itself. I haven't been in either area for years. Please do not choose to not respond to this simply because it may or may not be in the right area; I'm aware of that.

    I work with tech-support, so I know how to dig for answers. I could not find a "Contact Us" area on the MNFF site to ask this, so I'm asking here. There is not an option to add a new thread in the "Questions" area of this site. I tried and proofread over my post and I clicked "Submit" and it never posted. That is one issue I'm having, but it's minor, and I'll deal with it.

    My question mainly concerns MNFF itself. Here's what I know. I tried to log into my other account on the site that I used to use. It appears that account, for whatever reason, has been deleted. I still have access to that e-mail account and it is up and running. I created another account because I know that with some companies or places, if an account goes dead or is not used, it is removed in a purge.

    I am running on a MacBook with macOS. The document is currently sitting in the most updated version of Pages. It's not the MacBook, it'a a flaw with the site. The FAQ's on your site say that you click "Your Account" or "Account Login" and go onto your profile. Then, once you log onto your account, you would click "Add New Story". You cannot submit multiple chapters until the first chapter is reviewed; that makes sense as the site is moderated. I do not have an option on my "Account Info" that says "Submit New Story". It's simply not an option. As I said, I tried logging into an account that no longer exists or has been removed for whatever reason - it doesn't matter.

    I created a new account today and I'm able to log in. Now, my story is a one-shot and is currently in the beta process. I'm waiting to get the story back; that's not an issue as I an working with a fine beta. I jus wanted to review my account process of how I do this or that. Why do I not have the option to "Add a New Story" underneath my newly created account? It's just a one-shot.

    Please help. Thank you.

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    Hi Whichone,

    Sorry for the confusion!

    Our queue was closed from June 2016 onwards while we worked on a server migration project. This meant that no new stories were able to be submitted to MNFF during that time. The queue has just reopened in the last few days, so if you log in now, you will be able to submit your fic!

    The reason your posts were not showing up is because they had been put into our moderation queue. To be able to post without going into the moderation queue, Private Message SortingHat for a Sorting quiz. We'll sort you into a house and you'll have full access to the Beta Boards.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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