Congratulations! You've just finished writing your first chapter and you want to put in onto our Fanfiction site for others to read, but first there are some things you need to consider!

  1. Have you checked your fiction for spelling and grammar mistakes? It is a well known fact that when you read through a piece of work, whether it's a fiction, an essay or even a letter, your brain can automatically correct mistakes without your concious self realising. Have you read your fiction out loud to try and pick up on these mistakes? If you want to be really sure, give it to a friend or family member to read through or hire a beta from our forums who can check everything is ok and work with you to perfect your writing.
  2. Have you written a summary? It is important to have a well written summary as it is the first example a reader will get of your fiction. If your summary is filled with mistakes or gives too much or too little away about the story, a reader is unlikely to want to read any further. If you write your summary beforehand, you can make sure it is correct before adding it to your well-written story and avoid being rejected for this reason.
  3. Have you read the submission rules? I know it looks like there are a lot of them on that first submission page but they are all valid, and if you fail on any one of them you could have your fiction rejected.