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Thread: The Order of the Phoenix: Then and ...Then Again

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    The Order of the Phoenix: Then and ...Then Again

    I'm needing to know all of the members of the original Order of the Phoenix and a comparative list of the members in the newly formed Order, or at least, the Order as of book 5.

    I've realised in my recent writings that I've been assuming anyone in the more recent Order who is in their late thirties or older was also in the original organisation. I've also recently realised that doesn't seem to be the case, does it?

    Hopefully I can be directed to a list or better yet, lists, somewhere... Otherwise, I'll need help in compiling my own!

    Also, concerning the Marauders: Is it safe to say they joined the Order almost immediately upon leaving Hogwarts?

    I'm a bit out of touch with canon, as you can see.

    *crosses fingers*

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    I don't have my copy of OotP, but in the chapter where everyone is celebrating Ron and Hermione's being made Prefects, Moody pulls Harry away and shows him a picture of the old Order. I'm pretty sure he rails off all their names, and that he says it was all of them. So if you have a copy of OotP, you should be able to find them.

    The new Order... I dunno. It never says all of them, but here are the ones I know.

    Dumbledore (bet you didn't know he was in it)
    Kingley Shacklebot
    Dedalus Diggle
    Hestia Jones
    Remus Lupin
    Nemphawhatever Tonks
    Weasley Fam

    That's probably not even a fraction of them, but it's all I could remember.

    And as to their immediately joining after they leave school... I'm sure they did. Voldemort was gaining strength and supporters pretty long before their seventh year, so it'd make sense that they would join as soon as they could. I'd say it was plausible.

    Hope I helped,

    (I'm sure 90% of folks around here have their copies of OotP, and will be able to post the old list of members, but if not, I'd be happy to come back if I find mine)

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    Hermoine Jean Granger
    I found this list of Order members in Harry Potter Wiki. It's all tabular, so it's easier to go through.

    Well, all the members of the original order weren't members of the new order. Most of them died in the First war. I also agree with Arianna that the marauders joined the order as soon as they left Hogwarts. The war was at its peak during that time, and I think they would have definitely joined the Order to fight against Voldemort.

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    You can also try the HPL list here.

    We don't know if James and Lily joined the Order straight-away, but I think it's safe to say that they would have joined as soon as Dumbledore had recruited them, which, in my opinion, would be the Summer/Autumn of the year they graduated.

    ~ Jojo...

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    Ahh! Thank you all for the help. Its exactly what I looking for.

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